President’s Daily Briefing: Martin Truex Wins At Kansas

People ask me every Sunday night, did you watch NASCAR today? They know I’m a huge NASCAR fan. Let me tell you, I watched. And Kansas Speedway knows how to put me to sleep. They do it so much better than anyone else, except Kentucky which might be heroin-fueled. People told me it was that well attended.

People told me it was that well attended.Dozens of people called me to say “Donald, did you see the crowd at Kansas?” I did see it. I think they’re doing something great out there. My people have said the ratings were up. No shock there, Americans are tired of the SELFISH NFL and their kneeling. That’s why their ratings have plummeted and I know ratings too, NASCAR is ratings.

How about the winner. Martin Truex Jr is a winner. You will never see that man kneel. He honored our troops and our country with his camo suit after the race. Sponsored by an AMERICAN company. Johnny Morris and I are tremendous friends. I got Toyota to build their new plant here in AMERICA. Great car company. Tremendous car company.  As I said, Martin Truex is the guy. He’s a great guy. One of the best guys. People have said he isn’t as good as Dale Jr. People said that, not me. I think he’s very good at this NASCAR racing. I sent Martin congrats on Twitter, or social media, I hear he saw it or read it. Keep in mind I picked Truex to win this weekend. We’re doing so much winning right now, we’re going to keep winning until we’re sick of winning.

That race though, I thought it was really, a very good one. It had a little of everything. I know, Truex dominated most of the race. Kyle Busch reminds me of myself. A winner in all aspects of life. Very attractive wife. My people told me Erik Jones had a big crash. That Jones boy is quick. Kyle Busch called me “he called me and said Donald, this Erik Jones is a winner.” Amazing driver. Believe me. He’ll be amazing.

Kyle Larson got eliminated this weekend. People say NASCAR’s playoff format is flawed. I didn’t say that but people have said that. Kyle Larson wins, he runs at the front. Great race car driver. A tremendous driver of race cars. Out of the playoffs. We need to fix that. We will fix that over the next 7 years.

My friend who happens to be a very big NASCAR fans told me about Matt Kenseth. NASCAR ended his championship for one extra guy over the wall. That is really, really, not smart by Kenseth’s team. Sad.

Overall it was a huge day for us in Kansas and NASCAR. Some people told me they’ve never been prouder to be an American. Did you see everyone standing for the anthem? You won’t see that in the kneeling NFL. We saw tremendous patriotism for our troops this weekend. Hundreds of flags, American flags, Trump flags, other flags. Lot’s of flags. Great weekend to be an American.

Martinsville is coming up. My people tell me this is an important race. My thoughts will be available on Friday @ApexOff and Facebook

President- Donnie NASCAR.

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