Is There A More Ride Or Die Chick Than Joey Logano?

Sunday at Talladega Joey Logano solidified himself as one of the best “ride or die” chicks in the game. A second-hand man to Brad Keselowski making all the moves to protect his man. Blocking left and right, chasing Dale Jr up the tack and throwing a massive block on Trevor Bayne coming to the flag even though it didn’t matter. Logano pushed his man to the win and advanced Penske into the next round.

This isn’t the first time Logano has found himself being the gunner for Keselowski. Back in 2014 he did the same thing and got called out for it by Kevin Harvick. Now that Harvick has had his anti-Penske rhetoric clipped like a cockatoo at Jack’s Pets, no one was willing to call out JoLo.

Here is the 2014 edition of Logano playing blocker for Keselowski:

Logano damn near walled Harvick in an effort to block him. That move took Logano from 2nd to 11th on that last lap. Ultimately killed his own result for the betterment of the team. Like a good foot soldier, he took the hit so the boss would be happy. Like Peyton Manning’s wife saying the HGH was for her. Or Roger Goodell’s wife defending her man on Twitter. Like Rhianna going back to Chris Bown. Joey Logano is a ride or die chick when it comes to helping Keselowski win and kissing that Penske ring.

We’ve Seen This Before

Really though, Logano is the kind of selfless teammate you want in a multi-car team. He understands that working with the #2 is the best plan of action. Keselowski understands the #22 is the best plan as well. Logano is Cal Naughton Jr. to Brad Keselowski’s Ricky Bobby. “You think I can win one of these, Brad” Haha no man, come on.

At some point, Brad is going to be driving a Wonder Bread car while Paige Keselowski sits on top of the Logano pit box cheering the new Ricky Bobby to victory.

Or Roger Penske creates a three-headed monster with Blaney next year and everyone is screwed with two blockers and a runner. Unbelievable no other team has been able to replicate their model of teamwork. Hendrick Motorsports is the absolute worst at working together. Toyota did it well in 2016 but not since. Ford meanwhile becomes one huge team.

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