President Trump Daily Briefing: Brad Keselowski Wins HUGE Talladega Race


People asked me Sunday night, did you watch NASCAR today? They know I’m a huge NASCAR fan. Let me tell you, I watched. Talladega knows how to hold a race. They do it so much better than anyone else. Over 100,000 people there on Sunday. People told me it was that well attended. Dozens of people called me to say “Donald, did you see the crowd at Talladega?” I did see it. I think they’re doing something great down there. My people have said the ratings were up. No shock there, Americans are tired of the FAILING NFL and their kneeling. That’s why their ratings have plummeted I know ratings too, NASCAR is ratings.

About the winner. Brad Keselowski is a true American. You will never see that man kneel. He honored our troops and our country with the American flag after the race. Sponsored by an AMERICAN company driving an AMERICAN car. Ford, a great car company. They didn’t take any bailout money. It’s very, very, very important for AMERICAN companies to succeed. As I said, Brad Keselowski is the guy. He’s a great guy. One of the best guys. People have said he isn’t as good as Dale Jr. People said that, not me. I think he’s very good at this NASCAR racing. I sent Brad congrats on Twitter, or social media, I hear he saw it or read it. I like to know facts and Brad Keselowski is in fact, good.

That race though, I thought it was really, a very good one. It had a little of everything. I know, Chase Elliott had a chance to win. He’s a big supporter of mine and I appreciate his loyalty. He’s a bit like our Korean friend Rocket Man out on the track. He’s fast like a rocket but comes crashing back to earth. It’s fine. We’ll keep working with him, talking to him. David Ragan is another big supporter of mine. I watched the race, but people tell me he caused a big wreck. People said that not me but someone is causing these big wrecks. Daniel Suarez was up front and that made me uneasy. I had me people look into him. They tell me he’s a great driver. Good for him.

Joey Logano reminded me a lot of Mike Pence this weekend. Mike stands with me on everything. Joey stood with Brad and that was phenomenal teamwork. America is about working together. Pence and Logano would be great together. I could stand here all day and talk about them, great guys. rattle off great things. I know good men.

Overall it was a huge day for us in Talladega and NASCAR. Some people told me they’ve never been prouder to be an American. Did you see that big truck pulling the HUGE American flag? You won’t see that in the kneeling NFL. We saw tremendous patriotism for our troops this weekend. Hundreds of flags, American flags, Trump flags, other flags. Lot’s of flags. Great weekend to be an American.

Sad to see Dale Jr go. I predicted he’d win the race and he came close. Real close to winning and it would have been phenomenal. I like my driver’s to be winners. Hey, I like my racing heroes to be winners. What can you say? Dale Jr. didn’t win. Great driver, but I like my guys to win. Brad Keselowski wins, from a good Michigan home with great parents. Everyone tells me about his dad Rob. Great people.

My friend Frank Luntz called me after the race. He said, “Donald, I’ve never seen anything like this.” He said, “these people love you, they want you to Make America Great.” Tremendous support in Alabama, I love Alabama. They helped me win the election, I won the election over crooked Hillary. Alabama we’ll be seeing you soon for something huge.

Kansas is coming up. My people tell me this is an important race. My thoughts will be available on Friday @ApexOff and Facebook

President- Donnie NASCAR.

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