Parker Kligerman Wins Truck Race At Talladega & He’s Gonna Tell You About It

Did you hear Parker Kligerman won the Camping World Truck Series race Saturday at Talladega?

If you didn’t strap in because he did. That means one thing is for certain, Kligerman will be reminding everyone of that feat every chance he can get. Not only Parker but his colleagues at NBC will be doing the same thing. “Now we’ll toss it to Talladega winner Parker Kligerman” is 100% something you’ll hear Sunday and the rest of the year.

Kligerman and NBC will work this win into everything the same way they work his 2012 Talladega win into everything. Just sitting here post-race brainstorming some options on how to work this news into a segway. Michael Waltrip will be proud of this shoe-horning delusional inclusions:

  • “Now we toss it to Talladega winner Parker Kligerman who is in Martinsville” Because those are the same.
  • “Yeah Parker, Eldora is a tricky track.” – Jeff Burton “You’re right Jeff when I won Talladega last year….”
  • “Small teams have a chance in NASCAR, right Parker?”- someone at NBC  “Exactly! Last year when we won Talladega…”
  • “Speaking of food, didn’t you have a food sponsor when you won Talladega, Parker?”
  • “Alabama won the National Championship, you know who else won in Alabama?”
  • “Hey Parker, have you ever won al…” “In Alabama? Actually, I have”
  • “Our own Parker Kligerman is here, he won Talladega last season and is going to talk to us about the Cup race in Las Vegas.”
  • “Hey Parker, what’s the key to winning?”  “Well at Talladega last year…”
  • “Has anyone ever used a Papis steering wheel?” “Actually, last year when I won Talladega I did.”
  • “When I won Talladega I didn’t have to do it by a nose like the one on my face. But I did have to drive my balls off but… no worries they’re still attached” *Awkward laughter and wondering eyes for approval*
  • “Today we celebrate the first many to walk on the moon and plant the American flag. Our own Parker Kligerman has some experience plating a flag, Parker?”  “Thanks, Carolyn! Yeah in 2017 I plated a flag in the tri-oval grass at Talladega after my win. “

So many possibilities, so many words can be said. Parker Kligerman puts his pants on one leg at a time like you and I. He had 10 fingers and 10 toes like a normal human would. He has a day job and a hobby. But he won the truck race at Talladega in 2017 and you didn’t. Congrats to him though, that’s huge for that team.

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