Toyota Haters Rejoice, They’re Down to 5 NASCAR Teams In 2018 Or Are They?

All the Toyota haters can rejoice. The dominant manufacturer will be down to 5 NASCAR Cup cars in 2018 following an official announcement Wednesday.

Barney Visser announced Furniture Row Racing would shut down the #77 team for 2018 when Erik Jones moves to the Joe Gibbs Racing #20. Visser said he would like to add a second car in the future. Unfortunately, FRR couldn’t find funding to run a second car which would have been one of the most coveted seats this offseason.

What’s That Faint Roar?

All the “toyoder” haters are celebrating with Party City confetti poppers. Putting on party hates with little no-smoking signs through the Toyota logo. High fiving other red-blooded American’s while scurrying to hoist that rebel flag. Spouting things like “dis is an AMERICAN SPORT” between drags of a Marlboro red and swigs of Natural Light while watching a Samsung TV. Completely disregarding the fact Chevy builds cars in Mexico and Canada.

The old-school hardcore NASCAR fan base HATES Toyota. There’s a feeling among parts of the fan base that Toyota is cheating. Pretty good chance they aren’t or they’re paying off the NASCAR officials like they’re drug dealers in the 80’s. Toyota is just outspending everyone right now and they’re reaping the benefits of a well-designed aero efficient nose.

NASCAR moves in cycles and next year when Chevy Camaro’s are rolling into victory lane you’ll hear that faint roar again. This time in celebration of an “American car” winning the race. Ok, guys.

Guys, I Have Some Bad News

Front Row Motorsports MIGHT be switching to Toyota next year. Yeah, you’re doing the math in your head right now. 6 – 1 = 5 but if they add 2 then 5 + 2 = 7.  “OH GOD DAMMIT”

Yeah, you did the math and came to the mathematical conclusion that 7 is, in fact, more than 6.

There may be 7 competitive “yoders” on track in 2018 that are competitive. BK Racing exists and they run the 2018 body. They exist in the same way the Browns exist or Vanderbilt exists in the SEC, or Wake Forest in the ACC. We just need you to complete the field and make it look like we have lots of options.

If FRM does switch to Toyota and gets factory backing from TRD, oh man. There are going to be a lot of pissed off old-school fans like Jimmy Spencer who will not be happy. Even though it’s good for the sport to have not only more competitive cars but competitive teams from all manufacturers, they “ain’t AMERICAN.”

Weirdly enough these people would be fine with an all Ford and Chevy series. That’s idiotic on so many levels it’d take 1500 words to explain while referencing the V8 Supercar Championship which would require another 1500 words to explain what that is. Yoder haters can’t read 3000 words so it’d all be for in their words “nuthin’.”

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