Is Buying This Jack Sprague NASCAR Truck A Good Life Decision?

According to Jalopnik, this Jack Sprague NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series truck is for sale. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t thinking about buying this green beast of beauty. The famed #24 on the side, Quaker State logos plastered on this bad boy with the special 4×4 promotion. Get it, 4×4 motor oil on a TRUCK. Genius marketing move by the team in the 90’s.

A real art piece this truck. Take a look at it and meet me on the other side of the picture with reasons I shouldn’t buy this bad boy.

It comes with Hoosiers! A valence! And a Georgia Tech floor mat for daily driving or so your heels doing slide around if it rains. Ever tried to walk on painted metal that’s wet? Walk across a frozen pond in dress shoes. Not being a GT grad I’d have to toss that out, can’t support a school who wears Russell Athletic.

Aside from all of that what are the downsides to buying this?

  • Not street legal. True but Mid-Ohio track days are only two hours away. Wilmington mile is an hour away. Autocross happens around Cincinnati all the time. Kil-Kare is an hour from my house.
  • You need a truck and a trailer. Alright, so I have a Subaru WRX, not known for towing. Also, don’t own a trailer. I have access to trucks so really just need a trailer which is an added expense.
  • Doesn’t take regular gas. True, but there’s a gas station in the city that sells race fuel.
  • Where would you put it? Also a reasonable question. I have a one car garage and a driveway long enough for one car. I own two cars, doing the math here you can determine I have no spaces. Parking it in front of my house is fine but it could rain.
  • What about the neighborhood? Good news, no HOA for this guy. A fair amount of older people though so the sound might be a problem. Or they can’t hear it.
  • Don’t you have responsibilities? Sure, a house payment, car payment, and life BUT it’s a race car, mom!

What are the upsides for this?

  • Point one pretty much ends it but I have a few more
  • It’s a race winning truck
  • THE Jack Sprague drove it with that glorious mustache
  • It’d be a head turner at cars and coffee. I can clutch and coast there for the most part
  • Only 2.5 hours on the motor since the rebuild.
  • With all those contingency decals they’re basically paying me to drive this truck.
  • Current bid is only $5k

So far I’m not seeing the downside to buying this. It’s more affordable than a Toyota Corolla, it’s not fuel efficient but no truck is. Insurance costs will certainly be low. I can bring a girl home, open the garage door and have a race car there. That’s a conversation starter that would make Kenny Powers proud.

Guess I’m heading to Georgia.

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