NASCAR Is Headed To China!

NASCAR is headed to China!

Ok, so race cars aren’t actually going to China, yet. However, some high ranking NASCAR officials did travel to China for “meetings.” Logically you can assume those meetings were to seek new sponsors for the series. A meet and greet with the Chinese is a smart move by the series. Naturally, NASCAR wants to grow, why not look to the second largest economy in the world and the #1 exporter?

Oh Damn, They Sent Steve

Steve O’Donnell made the trip, NASCAR’s Vice President doesn’t hop on a plane to the other side of the world for nothing. NASCAR likely has some pretty late stage meetings set up with companies that have shown interest in joining the sport in some sort of sponsorship capacity.

There also has to be some talks about broadcast rights and either airing or steaming races in China. With a population of 1.3 billion people, 1 billion more than America, there has to be a fan base there. NASCAR needs new eyes on the sport, the Chinese can be very passionate about sports if they are presented with them. Maybe NASCAR is the next big thing in China? A domestic Chinese series like NASCAR has in Mexico and Canada. That would certainly open a path for a Chinese national to make it to NASCAR.


What if Steve and the crew are in China to discuss a race in China? At the Shanghai circuit or potentially somewhere else in the country? NASCAR took everyone to Japan in the 90’s, why not China in the 2010’s? NASCAR is unlike any product China has, no one has V8’s that sound like a NASCAR race car. Why not showcase NASCAR to China and blow some ear drums in the process.

Teams and drivers will never agree to make the trip on account of the season already being 40 weeks essentially. However, NASCAR could run an exhibition race in China and like Japan incentivize drivers to go. They could also give Chinese nationals rides in competitive cars to let them showcase their talents. Ho Pin Tung has never wrecked a NASCAR stock car, get him in a car.

NASCAR needs China because the internet needs NASCAR in China. We need to see Chinese fans in 90’s throwback NASCAR shirts with cut off jeans drinking Bud heavy’s. Like in King of the Hill when Kahn Souphanousinphone turned into white trash, NASCAR in China will result in a social change unprecedented in that country. Until that happens our work as a sport is not complete.

This meeting is all for sponsors and television or it’s to get Jackie Chan to field a NASCAR team. I for one hope it’s the latter.

Ps. Family Guy can always predict the future


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