Front Row Motorsports Release Landon Cassill For 2018, Other Changes Coming?

Landon Cassill will not be retained by Front Row Motorsports in 2018. First reported by Jeff Gluck from, the NASCAR veteran with 253 starts will be looking for a new home next season. A product of the NASCAR boom in the 2000’s Cassill has carved a cult following in the sport while taking a different road to the Cup series.

Aside from being surprised by the announcement Cassill told Gluck “there’s no message of despair.” He also added that “I’m kind of excited to see what doors open up for me.” Cassill won’t be in a top-tier Cup ride but with his following and social media presence, a competitive Xfinity ride could be in the works.

Cassill added this “I don’t turn down any phone calls when I’m in these situations.” It’s nice to hear a driver say that. Swallowing your Cup pride is hard but winning is more fun than running 27th every Sunday for 38 weeks.

The team that lands Cassill is landing a driving talent but also a marketing genius. No other driver has fans tweeting them pictures of their sponsor every day of the week. Love’s travel stops are in my Twitter timeline every. single. day. That’s great for the sponsor to have a guy promoting their brand like that. Any team and sponsor is getting an A+ social influencer with Landon.


Now that Front Row Motorsports has at least one seat open there is a massive amount of speculation surrounding the team. Will Darrell Wallace Jr join the team? What about Michael McDowell? Could Danica make the move?

Adam Stern, the man with all the inside information tweeted out a few things below.

Hold up, hold up, hold up. Front Row Motorsports could make the switch to Toyota?

That would be a massive story, especially if FRM gets factory support from TRD. Currently, the team is about the fifth most important Ford team in their current lineup. Moving to Toyota would put them third but we’ve seen how beneficial the move has been for Furniture Row Racing.

FRM moving to Toyota is a good thing, before you throw you Bud cans at me keep reading. FRM is a middle of the pack team, no real shot at winning except for superspeedways and Pocono fog races. Becoming a Toyota team with some factory support will give them better equipment and engines. Thus moving them up the starting grid and making them a more competitive team. NASCAR needs more competition/parity, this will help that.

One other rumor is the team is aiming to land Danica Patrick. Completing a deal with Toyota for competitive cars will certainly go far in terms of convincing her to join the team.

Front Row Motorsports is the talk of the rumor mill, who would have thought?

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