What Was Martin Truex Jr’s Crew Member Looking For Under The #78 In Victory Lane?


What is that #78 crew member looking at under the left rear quarter panel? It’s certainly an interesting question especially when it’s in regards to a team majority of fans think is cheating. Once again the #78 won a race on a 1.5-mile track except for this time Truex didn’t blow the tires and destroy the quarter panels. Generally, when Truex wins on a 1.5-mile track his burnouts are so excessive the tires destroy the body and thus hides the cheating.

NASCAR fans have turned into JFK truthers on the internet after every race. Breaking down video clips like they’re the Zapruder film and maybe just maybe ole’ Abe caught something. Instead of an 8mm camera, we have Reddit breaking down HD video recorded on an iPhone. What a time to be alive.

What Could The Crew Member Have Been Doing?

There are only two answers to that question. One is pretty logical, the other one is embedded in the brains of tin hat enthusiasts obsessed with Dale Jr and very anti-Toyota. It’s either one or the other with NASCAR fans but let’s break down what the possibilities are.

Logically you can assume that the crew member was taking off the transponder from under the car. NASCAR takes scoring transponders from teams after races, stores them in Pelican cases to transport them to the next track. Having witnessed this process at Kentucky a few weeks ago this generally takes place 10ish minutes after the race with the Xfinity teams. There is a solid chance NASCAR took it while the car was in victory lane. However, why wouldn’t they just take it when the car went through post race? It’s completely logical to assume that’s what he was doing though. To attempt something in Victory Lane would be brazen on so many levels.

Folks,, he wasn’t under there looking for a transponder he was looking to make sure the cheating parts weren’t showing. The tin hat people all think he was looking to make sure their advantage went back into place. On his podcast, Dale Jr. suggested that the wheel well was being modified to allow air into the car thus creating more rear downforce. That would certainly explain why their cars are so much faster in the corner than every other car. It would also explain why Truex destroys the rear of the car during the burnout. Don’t have to worry about the parts closing if they’re destroyed.

Logic Wins This Time

There is no way that crew member would be dumb enough to check on something in victory lane with that many people and cameras around. Then again Chase Elliott’s crew member was that dumb so stupidity isn’t a rarity among the NASCAR crew member ranks. The #78 may be cheating but they haven’t got caught yet because they aren’t stupid. Also, Toyota has a clear advantage, it’s a combo of the two.

You can all take off the tin hats, the guy was likely just getting the transponder so the guy who collects them could go home. At the end of the day, everyone just wants to finish their job and get home. Especially when their commute home only involves a car and no planes for once.

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