Turns Out Lance Stroll Hitting Sebastian Vettel Was Just A Racing Incident (Video)

Finally, FOM has released the onboard footage from Lance Stroll’s Williams following last weekends Malaysian Grand Prix. On the cool-down lap, Stroll appeared to merely plow into the side of the Ferrari with no regards for following the track. It’s important to follow the track during all aspects of a race mainly because that’s the point of a track. We live in a society Lance, you must follow the track it is a shared space.
Turns out the Canadian hit the Ferrari in truly a racing incident. Stroll could have followed the apex of the corner in a parallel fashion which most people would do but he drifted about two feet straight off the corner. Combine that with Vettel turning into the corner a little too soon and kablamo. Vettel’s Ferrari was left looking like a Hilux carrying a spare tire.
In conclusion, for once this wasn’t solely Lance Stroll’s fault. He and his dad trying to keep Kubica out of a test is definitely their fault. So are all the other incidents with Stroll but this one isn’t his fault. Our prodigal son, the replacement for Pastor is safe in this incident. This weekend in Japan though, watch out. Lance is known to be a fan of the local culture and customs. Sources say he already bought a rising sun bandana, you already know what that means.
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