NASCAR Sticking With Same Cup Package In 2018 Because The Racing Has Been So Good, Or Something

NASCAR’s on track product has been so good in 2017 the governing body elected not to make any aero changes to the 2018 package. In 2018 fans will be treated to much of the same great racing they’ve seen from 2017, lots of side by side racing, no more of these leaders jumping out to huge leads. No more aero dependent race cars where clean air is king. Nope, 2017 has been phenomenal and 2018 will be as well.

Minor Changes

2018 will see NASCAR Cup teams use a common splitter. Something the team currently do not do, each manufacturer has a body-specific splitter which some believe has led to the Toyota dominance. The common splitter combined with the common radiator/oil cooler will remove according to NASCAR around 120 lbs of downforce. NASCAR also moved more downforce to the center/rear of the car or about 2.5%.

Outside of that NASCAR will allow one rear gear but everything else stays about the same. All cars will be equipped with a crash camera and sensors for enhanced data. The Gen 7 car is rumored to be a much more technologically advanced car than the current car, which is likely what NASCAR is prepping for with the 2018 package.

NASCAR Needed To Do More

Historically NASCAR makes big changes in the offseason if the racing hasn’t been stellar. Just throwing this out there, the racing hasn’t been stellar. Instead of keeping the status quo the governing body should have been more progressive. NASCAR preaches cost saving, then changes everything so that’s not a valid excuse for this season.

What NASCAR needed to do is remove the front splitter, bring back the valence, shorten the side skirts and quarter panels, get rid of the tapered spacer and go racing. It’s a simple solution that provided quality racing pre-COT, why it’s been so hard to replication is astonishing.

Noses would need to be modified but that beats scrapping the whole care for a new generation. The side skirts can literally be cut and same for the quarters. That’s a simplistic view and obviously, there is more work than that but it really isn’t that difficult.

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