Racing Rundown Ep 19. From Asphalt to Dirt: The Allen Bedgood Interview

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When Zach Miles and I started The Racing Rundown Podcast 18 weeks ago we made a list of NASCAR twitter accounts we wanted to interview at some point. At the top of that list, the enigma that is Allen Bedgood. A polarizing, controversial tweeter known for his off the cuff remarks and hot takes on racing. He’s become a legend on the internet, amassing 5k followers who all stayed tuned for his takes. Mostly to rag on him and troll his tweets. Allen would respond, twitter fights would ensue and everyone would go their own ways.

Who is Allen Bedgood though? A guy from Topeka, Kansas who loves racing and the life he has. A happy midwesterner who understands the reputation and image he has online and he’s trying to fix it. When Allen agreed to talk to us he was rightfully skeptical. Both of us have trolled him in the past, it’s so easy to troll a quick reaction hot take. Allen was worried about walking into a trap so we agreed it wouldn’t be a trap, just an open conversation and he agreed to answer anything.

Honestly, we both left the conversation really enjoying the conversation we had with Allen. He’s a genuine guy who understands how the internet views him. He’s just a guy that likes racing and wants to see good racing, hence the switch to dirt. Give it a listen and see for yourself, Allen is an honest guy who just wants to right his image and watch some racing.

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