NASCAR Took Tires Mid-Race To Test, NASCAR Says It’s Common But Is It?

Sunday at Chicagoland the NBCSN broadcast showed two members of NASCAR teams standing outside of a blue tent mid-race. NASCAR apparently took tires from the #78 and #18 teams to test them in the middle of the race. What was happening in the blue tent? NASCAR was submerging the tires in a dunk tank to ensure there were no holes in the tires.

If you don’t know, submerging an inflated object will show holes in the object. Bubbles will escape where the holes are and that’s what NASCAR was looking for. The idea behind teams purposefully puncturing is to allow the tire to bleed out over the run and enhance the handling.

This was the first time NBC or Fox have ever shown this happening. I can recall only one other time a few years ago where someone brought tire tampering into question. This was the first time the broadcast showed it on TV and showed it mid-race. This isn’t a usual occurrence contrary to what NASCAR says.

NASCAR’s Response

Jeff Gluck was in Sonoma covering the IndyCar race, a much more compelling race than the one that was happening in Chicago due to the fact it was a championship-deciding race.  Gluck asked a simple question on Twitter;

His point was, show me other times this has happened. Jeff Gluck has spent years covering the sport, at the track. If he hasn’t seen it, it’s probably not something NASCAR shows off very often. He made a reasonable request, the response from NASCAR and another NASCAR media member were unwarranted.

NASCAR VP Steve O’Donnell says this happens all the time. Then threw shade at Gluck for being in Sonoma and not Chicagoland. As if the race in Chicago somehow meant more than Sonoma. The race in Chicago yesterday meant absolutely nothing in the grand scheme of things. Historically it has not been a compelling race and historically nothing of interest has happened there. A generally boring race proved to be just that on Sunday. To throw shade at Gluck was uncalled for. If this happens all the time, show us. Unfortunately, NASCAR operates like a totalitarian government “believe us, it’s true.” Ok cool, but maybe show us so we don’t question it.

An overweight, chinless, bag of milk, blocking machine chimed into the conversation as well;

Just a real catty thing to say. Jim Utter is that kid in high school that thinks everyone likes him but everyone legit despises him. He walks into the media center and there’s a collective “ugggghhhhhh” coming out of everyone. He acts like a know it all, he’s not. He’s more sensitive than a 4-year-old only child, he is. Jim Utter is a worthless NASCAR media member, his actions on Twitter only further cement why you shouldn’t click on any of his articles.

Show Us The Proof

Does NASCAR dunk tires on a regular basis? Maybe? Is Bin Laden actually dead? Maybe? Show us the pictures so you can shut everyone up. Steve O’Donnell said that this was the 5th time this year they’ve done it. That’s not “all the time” as he said. That’s about a 7th of the time.


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