Red Bull Racing Says They Have Options Outside Of Honda & Porsche, Who Is It?

Hmmmm. What does Red Bull Racing have up their sleeve? Better yet, who does Red Bull have up their sleeve? Christian Horner told Sky Sports Friday that the team will have an announcement coming that has nothing to do with Honda or Porsche. Christian Horner either has a huge announcement coming or he read the internet and is now messing with everyone who writes about rumors. Sup, Christian?

Who Could It Be?

If Honda is out and Porsche isn’t in the equation then who the hell is Christain Horner talking about? It can only be one car firm, one manufacturer, one brand dumb enough to jump in Formula One.


Kidding, Aston Martin. It’s Aston Martin.

Aston Martin branding is already on the current Red Bull chassis. Red Bull runs Renault engines but they don’t advertise for Renault because well, Red Bull throws hissy fits like a child when something doesn’t work. So currently they run Tag Heuer branded engines. Because watches power race cars, or something.

Aston Martin is involved in GT racing, and now speculation is they’ll join F1. Should Aston join Formula One? Probably not, they’re a niche car brand that only has 500M pounds in revenue a year. Building F1 engines are hard, Honda can’t-do it and they have billions of dollars. Now they want to get into the game with Red Bull. Presumably, Aston will get help from Red Bull in this process but it’s a hefty undertaking.

Aston hasn’t been in F1 since 1959 and 1960 when they finished no better than 6th and Carroll Shelby was their race driver. Now they could return to the sport 60 years later with a friendly Australian and a cranky German boy. What a time.

Ps. part of me hopes it’s Cosworth.

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