Renault Releases Robert Kubica, Could Williams Be An Option?

Robert Kubica is on the move. Or just wanted to be a free man, no one is really sure yet. The once promising F1 driver suffered a severe arm injury that halted his F1 career in 2011. Now some 7 years after his last F1 race Kubica is looking to make a comeback to the F1 grid at the age of 32. Renault still had Kubica under contract with the hopes of making him a reserve or race driver in the future. With their signing of Carlos Sainz over the weekend there is no room at Renault, hence the release.

Where To Now?

Felipe Massa retired last season, then Nico Rosberg retired which allowed Valtteri Bottas move to Mercedes and Felipe had to unretire. Williams appears to be ready for Massa to retire once again but they aren’t ready to let Lance Stroll be the senior driver in the team.

Insert Robert Kubica.

When the polish driver hopped behind the wheel of a Renault F1 car this season for testing he quickly became reacclimated with the cockpit. After posting competitive times Kubica said that he could still race F1 at a high level. Before his injury, he was regarded as one of the best drivers on the grid. A driver that many would have tabbed to win a World Championship if the car was up to his talent level.

Now with his arm as healthy as it could be Kubica could be the next driver at Williams. The famed outfit is looking for a veteran driver to lead Stroll and Kubica could be the guy for the job. His release makes sense now if he is looking to go to Williams. It’d be great to see that tall pole in the Martini suit wheeling the car around.

Williams seems to be his only clear shot at an F1 driver for the 2018 season. Both Renault seats are spoken for, and the other seats that could be open have drivers lined up from lower ranks or some musical chair action could take place. Kubica’s manager said if his guy doesn’t land an F1 seat he will look to LMP1 for the 2018 season.

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