Is Fernando Alonso Trying To Tell Us Something Via Instagram Stories?

Rumors have been flying recently that McLaren is destined to end their partnership with Honda and join Renault. Pictures and reports have surfaced of Renault officials leaving meetings McLaren at all hours of the day with no shame in their walk. Some serious flirting is going on and things may be getting hot behind closed doors. A key part of this equation is McLaren’s ability to retain the driving services of Fernando Alonso.

Fernando has a long history with Renault that includes two World Championship wins in 2005 and 2006. It’s not a surprise that he is still friendly with the brand. Wednesday morning through Fernando tossed fuel on the proverbial fire that is Renault to McLaren with his Instagram story.

A Renault event at Fernando Alonso’s Museum and Karting Center. Obviously, this was probably planned months in advance and has nothing to do with F1 or Renault trying to land McLaren (wink wink). It’s certainly not a bad thing to see the #1 McLaren driver doing things with the engine supplier they’re trying to land. F1 doesn’t have any anti-tampering rules either so Renault should go all out. Unlike the NBA Renault can flirt, wink, and send gifts as much as they want. Honda has to be so pissed though. Like Fernando, we have the Civic Type R that we could have brought. Instead, he settled for a French car company more known for workers locking themselves out of factories than producing a memorable road car.

McLaren Renault in 2018. Mark it down, take it home, Carlos Sainz joins McLaren too.

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