Subway Drops Daniel Suarez Sponsorship Over Donuts

Subway has opted to terminate their contract with Daniel Suarez and Joe Gibbs Racing with one race to go on their deal. The reason?



During NASCAR’s visit to New Hampshire Motor Speedway Daniel Suarez participated in a segment with NBC. Rutledge Wood and Suarez went around the outside of the track handing out donuts and letting people meet the rookie driver. It was a fun segment that would make your mother laugh and get shares on Facebook. “Did Carl Edwards ever give you donuts?” See, funny line, just some good middle America humor.

Subway regrettably, didn’t think it was a funny segment. Instead they have used that as an excuse to terminate their contract with JGR and potentially look elsewhere. Why? Because Subway is “healthy” and Dunkin Donuts are not. Never in a million years did JGR’s PR people think this would be against the rules with Subway. Nevertheless the people at Subway kicked Suarez to the curb quicker than Donald Trump’s regime has kicked Mexican’s out of the country. Subway, actually worse than Trump.

No one correlates Subway with breakfast anyway. Unless you’re running through an airport that has a Subway in the morning or walk past one on your way to work no one knows Subway sells breakfast. Plus the crossover between the people buying Dunkin in the morning and Subway isn’t the same demographic.

Subway held onto Jared the pedophile longer than they held onto a squeaky clean, fast driver who promotes diversity. Just a bad look for Subway who got a ton of egg on their face there. NASCAR fans are loyal, the amount of fans speaking out against Subway won’t affect their bottom line but it’s still nice to see people sticking up for Suarez.

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