Darrell Wallace Jr. The Front Runner For The #43 Seat, And A Bigger Rumor For Richard Petty

If Adam Stern starts tweeting about it, there’s fire to go with that smoke. At this point, the Richard Petty Motorsports shop in Mooresville might as well be a 4 alarm fire with the amount of smoke coming out of it. Darrell Wallace Jr. could be the result when the white smoke finally bellows out of the shop.

Smithfield is rumored to be in extension talks with RPM. The question now is where will RPM be in 2018 and will they merge with an existing team? Rumor has it the entire organization will be moving to Welcome, NC to join the Richard Childress Racing stable in a Brady Bunch marriage sort of way. That would be a huge offseason move heading into 2018 and one that would certainly be an upgrade for RPM and whoever is driving that #43 car.

Darrell Wallace Jr. filled in for the injured Aric Almirola in 4 races earlier this season. His best finish was a 11th in Kentucky, his final race as a substitute. To date that’s the best intermediate track finish for the team this year. Aric has a 4th at Talladega and a 9th in Richmond’s spring race. In a few short weeks, Darrell Wallace did enough to really impress the team and sponsor. Also the kid is incredibly marketable and the promos you could make with a 20 something-year-oldĀ kid outweigh what you can do with the married father of two.

The Other Big Rumor

Lee Spencer from Motorsport.com said the teams move to Chevy in 2018 may just be a place holder move. Why would you switch to a place holder for just one season? Because Dodge is going to come back to the series with Petty as one of the flagship teams.

That’s according to Lee Spencer, put as much or as little weight into that as you want. Would all of RCR make the move? They should, or will it just be RPM making the move to the famed Dodge name? A lot of questions but very few answers up to this point. Silly season is a lot like talking you your girlfriend, you get snippets of what the problem is but you never truly know the whole story. Like dealing with the CIA, just worse.

Dodge left the sport at the end of 2012. A 5-year hiatus that has been riddled with rumors of their imminent return to the sport. NASCAR has flirted with them, Dodge has flirted back. At some point, the fireworks are going to happen and we’re going to have motor oil everywhere like a South Park meme.

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