Menard’s To Sponsor Ryan Blaney In 2018, What Does This Mean For Paul Menard?

John Menard is the sole reason half of the motorsports in North America exists at this point. Wednesday morning Team Penske and Menard’s announced the Lowe’s competitor would be sponsoring Ryan Blaney in 14 races during the 2018 season. Did Ryan Blaney just cuck Paul Menard?

Yes, he did.

Paul Menard has provided very low ROI for his father’s empire during his time in the NASCAR Cup Series. Partially due to lack of talent, partially due to lack of competitive equipment. However, 2018 could be different for Menard in the #21 car. Either way, Menard’s branding is synonymous with racing and it now appears we know who will carry on the safety vest tradition when Paul transitions out of racing. Ryan Blaney is about to be the new face of Menard’s and we can’t wait for the first “Save more money at Menard’s” video for Blaney.

Blaney carrying Menard’s sponsorship is a great marketing move by the company. One of the hottest young names in NASCAR who will be winning races and competing for championships for the next decade. Have Ryan buy a house and become a guy that needs a home improvement store, Menard’s has hours of content with Blaney if they want to tap into it.

Racing Needs Menard’s

John Menard is literally funding a car in every form of major American motorsports at this point. There was a fear that they would leave if Paul ever retired, and he won’t because he’s a god damn robot. But no that Blaney is the next face of Menard’s here’s a look at who the company sponsors.

Cup: #12 Ryan Blaney 14 races,  #21 Paul Menard 22 races.

Xfinity: For some reason Brandon Jones sporadically, also Paul whenever he drives.

Truck: Full season with Matt Crafton who is Paul Menard with a truck championship. Actually might be the same person, ever seen them in the same room? No, you have no. 

Indycar: Nearly full season with Simon Pagenaund 

ARCA: Sponsors the whole damn series and that Austin Cindric kid. 

He’s literally saving motorsports by making sure there’s a competitive car (except Jones) in literally every major American series. As soon as Menard’s goes international and opens a store in England, Italy, China, and Australia we’ll see the safety vest on an F1 car. Ever think about how much money he spends in sponsorship? We’ll go with $20M a season for Cup, $2.5M a year for Trucks, $5M a year for Indycar, $1M for Xfinity, $1M for ARCA. The guy is just handing out cash.

For now, John will just continue to fun everyone in America essentially.

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