Facebook Commenters Are Not Happy About Hendrick Motorsports Number Changes

Hendrick Motorsports announced two changes to their driver lineup on Wednesday night. Chase Elliott would leave the #24 and drive the #9 for HMS in 2018. William Byron will take over the famed #24 in 2018 to carry on the legacy of that number. Hendrick Motorsports has fielded the #5 car since they joined the cup series in 1984.

Anytime something big like this happens the first place you have to head is to any social media platform to see what the reactions are going to be. NASCAR fans are known for being very rational, understanding people that believe in the word of the Dalai Lama. Definitely not known for being completely irrational and over the top. You have to try to be this bat shit crazy, this is a skill that these people possess. You can’t choose to be a commenter, commenter life chooses you.

Chase Elliott inherited┬álegions of Jeff Gordon fans. People who bought merch and diecasts and probably a tattoo or two. Now that he’ll be driving the #9 people are not happy. Commenters are the best because they’re like that white trash kid in high school who always gets in trouble but thinks he knows the Constitution by heart and always says he knows what his rights are. Facebook commenters always think they’re right and everyone is wrong.

Here is what some people said;

Yo George holds a major grudge. Rick Hendrick was convicted of a crime in 1997 and 20 years later George George Jr. Hold on, this guy is the SECOND guy to be named George George. Never doubt the American public’s stupidity. Dan spelled root wrong, but got this exclamation points in !!!!!!!

Hendrick is building a death star, NASCAR is going to die, the resistance is going to win and Paul Paul. WHAT THE FUCK. Another one? Seriously did we just find two people with the same first and last name in the same comment section?

That is the most preposterous ways to spell Chevrolet you will ever see. Who the hell is grandpa George?


Joe low-key might be a creep following Jeff Gordon from California to Indiana. Sick spelling on Hendrix there. Sad Rick lost Jimmy too. RIP.

Mad Chase didn’t take you back to the bus?

Literally, everything Susan said here is wrong. Everything, wrong.

Bailey has known for since Chase was 1 he would be in the #24. Sad she has to throw out all the Chase Elliott gear she’s acquired over the last 20 years.

Spongers made me laugh. Sometimes you just get so mad your words make no sense.

Facebook comments are the best free entertainment in racing. If races were this interesting we’d have everyone in America watching the damn series. Part of the reason you go to these races is to meet these people. Electric factories, all of them. Just bullshit story after bullshit story all while drinking a Bud heavy with a lip in or smoking a Marlboro red. NASCAR fans are unparalleled, unlike NFL fans they won’t try to smash your face in. Rather they’ll tell you their whole life story while killing you with second hand smoke and wearing a confederate flag shit. ‘Merica.


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