Watch Sage Karam Meltdown On Twitter Against Andy Lally

If you don’t remember Sage Karam you aren’t the only one. The young American is generally out of the Indianapolis 500 well before the finish every year. He has some how turned a rookie of the race at the 2014 Indy 500 and parlayed it into a sports car career with Lexus in IMSA. Fast forward to Sunday at Virginia International Raceway and this happened between Sage Karam in the Lexus and Katherine Legge in the Acura NSX

Karam takes Legge all the way to the grass which is what happens at the beginning of the video in the on board shot. Legge gets along side and does the same to Karam, takes him to the edge of the track. Karam went off because of an over reaction by himself. There was plenty of room for him to stay on track. He then gets back in front of Legge who went all NASCAR on Karam and tried to give him the proverbial “chrome horn.” Karam appears to “break test” Legge but would later say the dirt on his tires restricted him from putting the throttle down. Ok then.

Here Comes Andy Lally

Andy Lally is the teammate to Katherine Legge and is willing to ride or die with his teammate. To be clear Legge did nothing wrong. Lally took to Twitter to voice his displeasure with Karam’s actions. Karam also took to Twitter to explain his side/make himself look like a complete jackass in my opinion.

It started with this;

Lally took exception to what Karam did and said. He took to Twitter with photo proof of Karam driving recklessly. Legge was merely retaliating for the bullshit block Karam attempted. Blocking is a part of racing, no one will dispute that. Recklessly taking someone to the track limits is stupid and should be punished.

Karam caught wind of this because he’s always on Twitter presumably name searching himself like any 22 year old would do. Start from the bottom and work up.

Karam saying he’s going to take the “high road” is laugh out loud funny. Haven’t laughed that hard since Dave Chappell’s last special. The kid is alarmingly unaware of his public image. Sage did the chopping first, then Legge took exception to his actions. The fact he can’t put those two things together is wildly confusing.

Lally then airing it all out with Karam by essentially saying the kid was scared to come talk to him is Twitter gold. There is a large contingent of race fans that loathe Karam and this will only give them more ammunition. Lally has been around for years because he’s a damn good driver and a respected driver in the paddock. Karam has yet to show either of those attributes. In a fight Lally would win, that old man strength wins every time.

Everyone decided to jump on the Karam dish train today too. Sean Rayhall jumped in to show off a DM between himself and Karam. In my opinion, Karam comes out looking like a real dick.

Haha someone calling someone else tough over a phone is the dumbest shit ever. Just zero self-awareness with this kid. MillenialsĀ are killing everything from Applebees to home ownership, add being tough to that list too.

Rayhall thankfully shut him down which isn’t hard. Like telling Mayweather to read, Karam lacks the google skills to find Rayhall’s wiki page;

Questioning where someone’s win is from is a bold move. ESPECIALLY WHEN YOU’VE NEVER BEEN TO VICTORY LANE IN A MAJOR SERIES. What an iditot.

Ps maybe there’s a reason Gil de Ferran never acted as a driving coach for this kid. Gotta let your kids make their own mistakes and stay out of it.

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