Fernando Alonso To Williams In 2018?

According to the German press, Fernando Alonso has been offered a race seat by Williams. It is certainly the best seat offered to him at the moment but will the two-time champion move to Williams in 2018? If he was smart he would not, remaining at McLaren would be the best place for him in 2018. That’s not meant to be a hot take statement, McLaren is best for Alonso.

Williams Is Good, But…

Williams has been that team that looks promising every year but just falls flat. In 2015 Felipe Massa and Valtteri Bottas both had exceptional runs and podiums, last season Bottas had a podium. Now in 2017, there was a good chance Massa could have won the race in Baku but a mechanical failure knocked him out. That led to a Lance Stroll podium, however. Williams will always just be right there, trying to climb the mountain but likely never making it to the top.

Part of the reason they’ll never make it to the top is their engine deal. Williams runs Mercedes power plants, there is no way that Mercedes will ever give Williams the current spec power plant. Meaning Williams will have to out engineer the car via aero dynamics and suspension to compete. To do that they’ll need more money which means bigger sponsors. This isn’t an overnight fix.

Williams is quicker than McLaren at the moment but will they be next year or in 2019? It’s hard to tell but for now.

Stay At McLaren

Honda’s epic and embarrassing failure upon their return to F1 is unprecedented. Not since Lotus joined IndyCar or Nissan joining WEC has a factory backed outfit performed so poorly. The good thing for McLaren is Honda has unlimited resources and sooner rather than later they will figure this out. Honda doesn’t want to be the laughing stock and we’ve seen glimmers of hope.

At the last round in Hungary, Alonso qualified 8th and finished 6th. A remarkable achievement considering this team has been out to lunch for three years now. It also goes to show that with a proper power plant the McLaren would be competitive. Fernando Alonso is regarded as the best driver on the grid, the McLaren chassis appears to be incredibly strong. The only thing missing is the power plant. Honda has been progressively making it stronger which makes McLaren a better option for Alonson.

Too Many Wrong Moves

Fernando Alonso should have 4+ World Championships by now if it wasn’t for poor career moves. After leaving Renault in 2006 for McLaren he was incredibly competitive but his clashes with Lewis Hamilton showed the team was backing Hamilton.  He returned to Renault in 2008 and won races that season before going winless in 2009. Alonso then joined Ferrari where he should have won the 2010 World Championship had Ferrari of been smarter. Then he left the Scuderia following the 2014 season due to lack of performance on the teams part and went to McLaren with Honda. Every time Alonso seems to leave, the team he left performed better. Just the wrong place at the wrong time.

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