Quick Cap: NASCAR At Bristol & Kyle Busch’s Sweep

If you aren’t a Kyle Busch fan you’ve probably hated Wednesday through Sunday morning.  Why? Because Busch won the truck races Wednesday night, Xfinity race Friday night and the Cup race Saturday night. A clean weekend sweep for the third time in his career. An impressive feat only rivaled by himself, an unpopular weekend of dominance for everyone outside of the newly monikered “Rowdy Nation.”

Kyle Busch Can Drive A Race Car

Winning in the truck series and Xfinity series is old news for Kyle Busch. It fits like an old glove and no one is shocked by it. Saturday night in the Cup race against equal talent in equal equipment though we got to see the greatness that is Kyle Busch. Being a smart race car driver isn’t an attribute every driver has. Kyle’s ability to experiment with lines and find another driver’s weak spot is second to none. At the end of Stage 1 he made a move under Kyle Larson that had me going “damn, he actually is smart.”

Toyota and TRD have the best aero and engine package in racing right now. It’s the way things go but Kyle Busch is a damn good driver no matter what car he is in.

Erik Jones Is Going To Get His Soon

Is Erik Jones elite? He’s damn close to it after last night. Leading a race-high and career-high 260 laps resulted in a second place finish.  If Jones can get into Victory Lane this season he will be the first rookie since well Chris Buescher to do it. Forget that point, it would have been a lot better if it was Logano in 2008. Either way, Jones was the best car all night, Kyle Busch just got him on a restart and managed to get through traffic better. Erik Jones is a future superstar in this sport and he doesn’t seem to get the same accolades and talking head points that Chase Elliott gets.

NASCAR Fans Will Never Not Be Embarrassing



Two Groove Bristol Isn’t That Bad

The high line combined with the enhanced low line provided for a great show Saturday night. The bottom groove got the advantage in the corner, the high groove got the advantage on the straights. It wasn’t old Bristol but it was still a good show. Follow the leader Bristol will likely never come back, we’re stuck with this one so embrace it or start to love intermediate tracks.

New Bristol Will Never Provide The Highlights Old Bristol Did

NBC showed highlights of races from previous years last night. All of the highlights were from 2012 or earlier. New Bristol has provided nothing of remembrance in recent years. We’re all sold on the fact that tempers will flare and rivalries will be born. None of that is true. New NASCAR is soft and unless Brad K and Kyle Busch are feeling a little froggy nothing of any sort of merit is going to happen.

No more helmet throwing, no more rattling someone’s cage. Just some twitter fingers running after a race and that’s it. NASCAR needs some excitement, they need some rivalries. Kyle Larson and Jimmie Johnson exchanging jabs on the radio is merely a rivalry. Just give us something to remember Bristol because recent races have been forgettable.



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