Lewis Hamilton Open To Joining Williams And Ferrari

Lewis Hamilton has won two World Championships with his Mercedes AMG F1 Team but that hasn’t stopped him from speculation. Hamilton fed the rumor mills Friday by saying he could see himself racing at Ferrari or Williams in the future. According to Hamilton the only time he would “jump ship” though would be to leave the sport.

Hamilton naturally wants to race for Williams F1 because of the history. His hero Ayrton Senna was a star at Williams, and Williams was the team to race for in the late 80’s and into the 90’s. ┬áHamilton said “Of course I look at other teams that I have admired, I look at Williams and look at how cool it would be to one day drive for Williams and help them get back to the top, but I don’t have a magic board. I don’t know how long that will take or even if that’s even possible, just that I admire Frank and the Williams team for its history.” Getting Williams back to the top will take money and bigger sponsors.

Something spectacular would have to occur for Hamilton to leave Mercedes like a Nico Rosberg return. If that happens then we could see Hamilton donning Ferrari red or Williams white. It’d be great to see Hamilton go to Williams and return that team to their former glory. Hamilton at Ferrari doesn’t make sense now, in the future or ever. His personality just wouldn’t gel with the Italian outfit and their fans more than likely. He’d be a great ambassador for Ferrari in the United States though.

Retirement is likely to happen for Lewis Hamilton before he switches teams. Hamilton could easily race until he has seven championships but he seems content with winning a fourth and possibly calling it a career. For Hamilton, he seems likely to leave on top rather than regress to a mid-pack team and become a novelty instead of the show.

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