List Of Possible Announcements GMS Racing Could Be Making This Morning

GMS Racing will make a “big” announcement this morning according to their Twitter. At this point the speculation surrounding GMS Racing is palpable, everyone has an idea what this announcement is going to be. In case this isn’t the announcement everyone is expecting we’ve laid out a few possibilities for what the announcement could be.

GMS Expanding To 2 Full-Time Xfinity Cars

“With Spencer’s immediate success in the Xfinity Series, GMS is proud to announce a second full-time Xfinity car in 2018”

Spencer Gallagher currently leads the GMS Xfinity lineup that consists of himself and himself. Ben Kennedy races part time for the team but let us be honest, this is Spencer Gallagher’s team. No one can take that away from the #1 driver even if they have an average finish 10 places better than said #1 driver.

In 2018 GMS will expand to two full-time Xfinity teams buying their cars from JR Motorsports. This strengthens their relationship with Hendrick Motorsports and makes for more possibilities in the future. The #23 and the #96, full-time in 2018. What a season that is going to be.

GMS IS Going IndyCar Racing With Spencer Gallagher

“It has always been Spencer’s dream to compete in the Indianapolis 500, next year we’re giving him that opportunity.” 

GMS Racing expanding to IndyCar would be huge news for Indycar in terms of attracting new owners with money to the series. It would be terrible news for any driver on the race track. Spencer Gallagher would be the bull, every other driver would be the conquistador just trying to jump out of the way. Spence wouldn’t know how to handle that speed, his exact quote would be “this thing is fast, man!” Yes Spencer, we know. They could run the next 100 Indianapolis 500’s with Spencer Gallagher in the best car money can buy, he’ll win zero times.

GMS Is Closing To Focus On Their Airline

Allegiant Airlines is a well-known budget airline that will fly from any mid-sized city to a smaller city generally near a beach or a desert. Allegiant is also known for not having the best airplanes in the world, ones that fail every now and then. Small problems like three engine failures in 2016, a door opening in flight, or 40 of the airlines 80 planes having to make emergency landings.

The average age of the Allegiant fleet is between 27-28 years old. Those are some old planes so instead of investing around $40M a year in a Cup team the fine people at GMS/Allegiant have decided to focus that money on improving the airline. You know, so the planes stay planes in the sky.

GMS Is Expanding To Cup

“We’re really pleased with the progress Spencer has made, we’ve decided to take him Cup racing and see what he can do.”

This kid couldn’t make it through a practice lap at Watkins Glen without spinning, he’s ready for the Cup series. No driver with fewer accolades has ascended to cup quicker than Spencer Gallagher. Not Paul Menard, not John Wes Townley, not anyone. This kid is rewriting the books.

The rumors have GMS Racing moving to the Cup series in 2018 with a two car team. One car for young hot shot Spencer Gallagher best known for wins like this:

And fights like this one:

The second car will reportedly be for a veteran driver, Kasey Kahne. Hendrick Motorsports will be paying Kasey Kahne in 2018 and loaning him out to GMS to help start that team makes business sense. Hendrick is looking to make GMS the new Stewart-Haas, what better way to do that then have a company guy drive one of the cars.

GMS Racing is coming into the series in a big way. We’ve seen this before with Bobby Ginn, the Gillette Family and others. Racing isn’t easy and it’s certainly not cheap, if it was everyone would be doing it. Hopefully Maurice Gallagher knows this. If not he will when Spencer wrecks even more race cars.

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