James Davison Is AUSTRALIAN, And Can Win This Weekend At Mid-Ohio

We’re a few days removed from the Watkins Glen weekend. Hopefully, by now everyone knows Leigh Diffey is AUSTRALIAN, not British, English, a red coat, a Scot, a Brit, or any other possible nationality that isn’t Australian. NASCAR fans aren’t known for being an intellectual bunch and that was on full display this weekend.

This weekend at Mid-Ohio the Xfinity Series will take to the track and once again this weekend an Australian will be part of a NASCAR race. James Davison is getting a shot in the Joe Gibbs #20 car a year after driving the #90 King Autosport car to a 19th place finish at Road America. James Davison is AUSTRALIAN. So if he wins everyone needs to know he’s AUSTRALIAN. Not British, not English, he’s from a completely different continent only reachable by an ungodly flight.

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James Davison could definitely win this race as well. JGR cars are the class of the field in the Xfinity Series. James Davison can take any car to the front, will he finish though? Davison wheeled the #18 Dale Coyne car to the lead of the Indy 500 this year after starting at the back of the field. A crash would derail the cinderella story but he still took the car to the front. Saturday at Mid-Ohio we could see Davison take the #20 to the front.

Davison has a lot of experience outside of open wheel as well. With stints in IMSA and Pirelli World Challenge, he isn’t a stranger to fenders. His biggest challenge on Saturday will be braking, that seems to be every road course specialists complaint.  Davison can rest easy knowing JGR will give him a much better car than King Autosport was able to.

So to recap we made a quick visual representation for NASCAR fans;

Hopefully, this clears up some of the confusion because you and I don’t have time to break down the entire colonization of the British Empire. We’re talking a century of information that needs to be installed on the hard drives of people who can’t google where Leigh Diffey is from. We’re screwed.

James Davison though, he’s in a fast car at Mid-Ohio. Zach picked him on this weeks Racing Rundown Podcast (Check it out here). And remember, Australian, not British.

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