NASCAR Podiums Are A Terrible Idea, But Here Are Some Suggestions

NASCAR has been flirting with the idea of podiums since the offseason thanks to a suggestion from FOX. Podiums would look very out of place in NASCAR but would ensure the Top 3 finishers would get interviewed and wouldn’t allow for the three to walk away without comment. When it comes to their broadcast partners NASCAR has shown they will allow the partners to alter the way NASCAR operates.

In terms of reality the idea of podiums seems a little silly and forced. Formula One has had a podium since the beginning of time, might not be factual but you don’t have facts to back it up so it’s fact. Indycar started doing the podium thing a few years ago and it didn’t really change anything. Most of the time the podium “celebration” doesn’t even make it on TV. The Indycar winner generally parks in “victory lane” or a large asphalt area where 4 people are standing around him. The driver then gets out and celebrates with the cameraman as his crew runs around the infield looking for their driver. TV interviews him and then the podium celebration happens with no TV coverage. F1 is different in the fact all three drivers celebrate at the same time after the anthem, it’s more organic.

This Is A Terrible Idea

NASCAR fans as a whole, not the brightest people on earth sometimes. Watching FOX and NBC explain a podium for a solid season is not something we want to watch. “THE WINNER STANDS ON THE TOP STEP! NEXT TO HIM ON THE LEFT IS THE SECOND PLACE FINISHER. ON HIS RIGHT IS THE THIRD PLACE FINISHER.” Thanks Rick.

Not only that but will the networks still do a double interview? Interview the driver celebrating with his team in victory lane and then again on the podium? Will victory lane even exist anymore? So many questions and absolutely no answers on how this all will work. Luckily we have some ideas.

Ideas, Naturally This Section Comes Next

State Songs- In F1 the national anthem for the winning driver’s home country is played as well as the constructor’s home country. NASCAR drivers outside of Daniel Suarez are all from the states. Every driver has to listen to their state song if they win a race. Didn’t know states have songs? Well they do.

No Champagne, We Want 40’s- Everyone knows F1 celebrates with big bottles of champagne. That’s way too bougie for a NASCAR race, give these guys a couple of 40’s they can stone cold together and dump on each other. Also will allow NASCAR to sign a beer company as the “Official Podium Beverage Of NASCAR” and charge them $60k a year.

Sponsor The Podium Steps- Much like the above section NASCAR loves to sell sponsorship to literally everything. Why not have the Sonic Drive In Podium? Or better yet sponsor each step, the Duracell Third Step, ATT Second Step and the Coca Cola First Step. Brilliant placement and imagine all the product placement you could have.

All Trophies Have To Be Shaped Like The Sponsor- Whoever the sponsor is, the trophy looks like that. Overton’s sponsored the Pocono race, the trophy has to be a boat or a boat showroom. The Brantley Gilbert Big Machine Brickyard 400 trophy has to be a white guy standing on a large machine on top of brick.

Kyle Busch Has To Speak Regardless If He Wins- Kyle Busch is notorious for being a bit short when things don’t go his way. Much like a child would be. When the interviewer is asking questions he purposefully has to aim a vast amount of questions at KB. Just so we can see the awkwardness grow and the anger in his eyes go through the roof.

Let Fans On The Track- NASCAR needs to implement what various F1 tracks do, let fans on the track. The sea of fans under the podium at Monza is one of the coolest things in racing. Let’s do that in NASCAR. It won’t look as cool mainly because of all the Trump and Confederate flags but still, it’d be fun.

The Downside

Podiums will look really awful on TV and in person. It’s definitely going to look very unauthentic and forced. Driver’s are going to be confused where to go and what to do. It will drag a broadcast out even further and will still give everyone the mundane post race comments. Let’s not do podiums and like the rear wing we’ll let them be things we never talk about again.

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