Could Richard Petty & Richard Childress Join Forces In 2018?

Imagine a NASCAR world where Richard Childress and Richard Petty join forces to field both the famous #3 and famous #43 under the same banner. That could be reality in 2018 if the rumors floating around the NASCAR world are true. A merging between two of the most historic names in racing would certainly create some headlines and a new storyline heading into 2018.

Door Bumper Clear mentioned this rumor briefly on their podcast Monday. DBC is good for mentioning rumors before everyone else and those rumors becoming reality it a common trend. While I won’t say this rumor is set in stone and going to happen I will say it does make sense based on other things we’ve heard.

Aric Almirola is looking to move up in the NASCAR ranks with Smithfield as his sponsor. Richard Petty Motorsports downsized to a one car team this year while continuing their alliance with Roush. An alliance with Roush is literally just a formality, nothing really goes back and forth from what people have said. RPM desperately needs Smithfield to stay with the team. Problem with that is the team’s performance and Aric’s desire to be in a more competitive car. Hence why he has been shopping himself around.

Insert Richard Childress Racing into this equation. Back when silly season was just starting there was talk that Almirola could take his sponsor and head to RCR in their third seat. Now it looks like Almirola might take his car, owner, number and sponsor to RCR. It will be interesting if this happens to see the #43 on a Chevy. Would the #43 have the Petty font on the 4 and the Earnhardt 3 on the back? Really mash NASCAR history into one gaudy looking car. RCR says they’ll field a third car in 2018 and we all expected it to be Ty Dillon. Aric Almirola brings money, RCR needs money. You can put two and two together.

If this happens it’d be a huge story. RPM has maintained their independence even when taking on investors and joining other teams. When Petty Enterprises merged with Gillette Evernham in 2009 it became Richard Petty Motorsports with Andrew Murstein being the controlling owner of the team. The team also absorbed Robert Yates Racing in 2010 to create the team we kind of know today. RPM has been a part of a lot of teams, RCR could be the next.

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