Why Do People Think Dale Jr. Is Going To Win The Brickyard 400?

Sunday will be Dale Jr’s last race at Indianapolis Motor Speedway. Next week will be his last race at Pocono and the week after his last race at at Watkins Glen. In fact every track NASCAR visits the rest of the year will be Dale Jr’s last cup race there. Everyone is making a big deal out of this being his last Brickyard 400 and it’s really putting my brain into a pretzel. They know he’s never won here right? He’s never really been in contention? This isn’t Talladega or Daytona so why is it a big deal?

It’s not. They just want you to think it is. (Very DJ Khaled line there, they don’t want you to think he can’t win)

From Brantley Gilbert who likely has no clue what he’s talking about to every media outlet, they all think Dale Jr. can win at Indy on Sunday.

NBC, USA Today, For The Win and others all had “Dale Jr. Looking For Elusive Brickyard 400 Win” type of articles. No one really did their research did they? In 16 races at Indianapolis Motor Speedway Dale Jr has an average finish of 18.8, very middle of the road. In that time he has recorded 5 Top 10 finishes and only one time has he recorded a Top 5 finish, a 4th in 2012. The numbers don’t indicate he has ever been in contention for a win, they don’t even show he’s missed out on the elusive win. Elusive was his dad losing at Daytona for song long after being so close. Dale Jr. has never been that close to winning at Indy. This kind of coverage should be saved for Talladega. It really would be great for him to win there in the fall with all of his fans. That’s destiny.

That’s not to take away from Dale, he’s great at other tracks. A lot of drivers have tracks that they’re rather mediocre at and this is that one for Dale. Since this is considered a “Crown Jewel” race people seem to put an emphasis on the fact he’s never won it. He has also never won a Coke 600 or a Southern 500 for what it is worth. This level of emphasis wasn’t put on the 600 and likely won’t be on the Southern 500 either.

It’d be great if Dale Jr did win today. It’d really help out the track which has struggled massively the past few years in both attendance and ratings. A Dale Jr. will certainly get people talking. Unfortunately the only way Jr. can win today will have to be on strategy. He’s been about the 8th-10th fastest car all weekend. Maybe their race package is going to be great but history isn’t on his side.

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