Brad K Bold Idea: Dominant NASCAR Leaders Should Always Take Each Other Out

Everyone week on the Racing Rundown Podcast (check it out here) we throw out a bold idea modeled after Brad K’s bold idea of letting another manufacturer join NASCAR. The Brickyard 400 essentially wrote my bold idea for me this week on a restart with 60ish laps to go.

You saw the video above, Martin Truex was the leader, Kyle Busch in second and as they tried to go two wide through turn one the #78 got loose and took out the #18. The two best cars in the race took each other out because they lacked 7 seconds of patience or as Rick Pitino calls it “half a sex session.” If they could have waited they’d be looking at an easy win between the two. But nope they went all Mercedes F1 in Spain circa 2016.

That set up a massively fun race after the two most dominant cars went out. The Brickyard 400 is an inherently snoozer of a race that would put Norman Bates to sleep. When the two most dominant cars of the day go out it becomes a way better race and that’s what happened on Sunday in Indianapolis. After their crash it became a completely different race with new players and an added strategy to the race.

Bold Idea

From now on if the front two cars dominate a race as much as the #18 and #78 did on Sunday they have to take each other out for the betterment of the race/series. Not to single anyone out but the #78 would be out of many races this year. Take out the ass kicking car/cars out of the race and it opens it up to a whole new group thus making the racing better.

Race fans only remember a good finish. No one remembers the whole race like you and I do. The casual remembers a good finish and a car winning by 6 seconds isn’t a good finish. Trevor Bayne coasting like Alexander Rossi to a Brickyard win is edge of your seat excitement which we would have had if Clint Bowyer could keep his car under him. That’s exciting stuff. Watching the #18 and #78 smoke the field is not.

Can’t wait to implement this at the next mile and a half race. Sorry MTJ.

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