Is Carlos Sainz Really Worth $8M?

Sky– “Sainz has a contract with Red Bull and there are two years left on that contract,” said Horner. “We value him as an asset and an asset has a value. So if there was a desire from another team to have him, or for him to go somewhere else, something that has a value has to have a price attached.

“If somebody was prepared to make an offer, we would, of course, consider it. But it would need to have a significant value attached because we have invested in Carlos. We are not just going to give an asset away.”

Rumor on the street is Red Bull is willing to let Carlos Sainz got for a cool $8M. Red Bull is apparently basing that valuation at $1M for every year they spent developing him which is a crazy way to value someone but to each their own. Is Carlos Sainz the next Sebastian Vettel or Lewis Hamilton? No probably not. Actually he’s definitely not a multi-time world champion in the waiting. He is however a race winner in the waiting and could very well be a Daniel Riccardo type of racer in the right car.

Sainz this season has done exponentially better than his first two seasons. He has finished in the points 6 out of the 10 races this season. Those other 4 races were DNF’s, so in the grand scheme of things he’s scored points in every race he finishes. You don’t finish a race you can’t finish in the points. Last year he suffered in the second half of the season, we’ll see if he can hold it together this year.

As for teams that could be hunting Sainz. Red Bull seems to think there are multiple pursuers and they might be wrong. Renault has 100% held meetings with Sainz’s manager who is also Alonso’s manager. He could have been speaking with Renault about both drivers but their interest seems to be on Sainz. That may be the most competitive seat he will get a shot at for 2018. It’s either stay at Toro Rosso and hope Max Verstappen leaves and Sainz can slide into that seat or move to Renault. There were rumors that Ferrari could look his direction if they separated from Raikkonen but they’ll likely turn to Charles Leclerc for that seat. For once in the history of the Ferrari Driver’s Academy the team will actually use a driver.

If Renault pays $8M for Sainz and then a salary on top of that they definitely need their head examined. Robert Kubica is waiting in the shadows for that seat to come open at Renault. Take him, let him prove he still has it too. Sainz is good but not $8M buyout good.

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