Is NASCAR For Sale?

Is NASCAR for sale? New President Brent Dewar isn’t saying yes and he isn’t saying no. Adam Stern from Sports Business Journal reached out for a comment and of course NASCAR wasn’t going to entertain the question. However this does raise a question,

What if NASCAR is for sale?

It very well could be and no one actually knows. Brian France by all accounts is a terrible communicator yet leads a major sporting league. He may have put the series up for sale but didn’t tell anyone. Now he’s sitting in his Daytona office wondering why no one is calling while muttering about that $1B title sponsor he so desperately wanted.

You get the feeling Brian France doesn’t want to own NASCAR anymore. He rarely comes to races, he tends to be a terrible communicator with teams and drivers and his press conferences tend to be rather uninformative and boring outside of his electric chair style sweating. He isn’t his dad or grandfather when it comes to enthusiasm and passion for the sport. He really doesn’t even have the same excitement his nephew Ben Kennedy has either. It wouldn’t be a shock if Brian France wanted out.

There were reports last year that his sister Lesa Kennedy was fed up with the way Brian conducted business and made decisions. Maybe the sport is for sale. Maybe the France/Kennedy families want out, they’ve done all they can do. Unfortunately NASCAR is probably close to an all time low in terms of value. Ratings are down, attendance is down and the product is lacking. Not great when you want to sell something. Listen the house is sound, the neighborhood is filled with the unpleasant, that tree is probably going to fall on the house and the schools are garbage. Great investment for the future though. That’s NASCAR right now.

F1 Has Had A Revival

Bernie Ecclestone finally sold his shares in F1 and stepped away from the sport letting new owners Liberty Media take over. As soon as that take over happened everything changed. F1 has become more inclusive, their social team is top notch, their PR has gone up ten fold and they have started to become more accessible to fans. For once NASCAR can take a lesson from them with their fan fest in the streets of London last week.

NASCAR needs new blood. It’s in a constant state of flux, the points are never the same, penalties and rules are constantly changing. They need stability and they need some new innovative ideas that can hopefully regenerate some interest in the sport from 307M Americans that aren’t watching on Sundays.

If NASCAR Was For Sale, Who Buys It?

The first name that came to mind was Roger Penske. A man with more money than he knows what to do with and is very passionate about racing. Why would he not want to own the series? Probably because he wouldn’t be able to own a team anymore.

Unless, all the owners came together. If every NASCAR owner came together as a conglomerate to own the series that would be ideal. Roger Goodell works for the NFL owners, let some guy work for all the owners. The teams buy the sport, they appoint and commissioner of sorts and NASCAR is now run by the teams and not one guy who employs a number of people who really don’t understand the sport. They’ve already experimented with the team alliance, why not take it a step further? We’re going to need a Jerry Jones like owner, probably Gene Haas. A well respected owner with a younger girlfriend like Robert Kraft so probably Richard Childress at some point, Austin can hook pop pop up. And you need the cheap ass owner like Mike Brown, that’s Jack Roush. Let’s make this happen and bring everyone together for Winter Meetings.

Or a media company like Liberty Media steps in and takes over.

NASCAR Isn’t Really For Sale

If the France family ever did sell NASCAR, myself and every other person with a working knowledge of the sport would be shocked. Except for Jim Utter his BREAKING section of Motorsport would be filled with know it all blogs. If it was for sale the news would have leaked out. NASCAR can’t keep anything secret, at least not at the corporate level. We can all dream though, there’s something about massive change and uncertainty that’s pretty exciting.

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