Jim Utter Is A Parking Meter Maid For The Media Lot

Of course Jim Utter is the meter maid of the media parking lot. Least shocking story ever about this ghoul. Just having other media members cars towed because they parked in his spot or didn’t have the right pass in the window. What a nanny boy this guy is. Blocking people on Twitter is embarrassing enough, now he’s out here acting like the Paul Blart of the media lot.

Michael McDowell getting towed because Utter has a billy club shoved up his ass would be A+ material for everyone involved. It’s great that drivers are starting to see how insufferable this guy is. Just a “journalist” that is stuck in the old ways of doing things. Taking things way too seriously and has appointed himself the keeper of the media lot. Wish he got me towed at Kentucky last weekend, would have been such great content. Utter is the guy that would complain the free food in the Media Center isn’t warm enough or isn’t good enough. They serve Diet Pepsi and not Diet Coke, 100% a diet coke guy. That’s Jim Utter, the guy who shhhhh’s in the media center/press box. No cheering, no emotion, get ink under your nails and file the story. Yeah I realize he’s from Motorsport.com and you can’t have ink but use your imagination for me once.

Need more stories like this from the media corps. Earlier in the year we had Gluck and others tweeting about how Utter was being a dick in the media center and subtweeting everyone. Then he goes on Gluck’s podcast and makes himself sound so petty and childish.

McDowell is quickly becoming one of my favorite driver’s for his Twitter skills alone. His willingness to clap back and call people out is second to none.

Coming for you Utter. Bad boys of racing podcasting are coming for that ass.

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