NASCAR Tweets GIF Of Crew Member Getting Hit As A Joke, Immediately Deletes

Monday morning got off to a hot start on NASCAR Twitter. The official verified blue check mark @NASCAR Twitter account tweeted out a GIF about today being a Monday. You know, Monday’s are such a drag and everyone has a “case of the Monday’s.” Just trying to be cute and relate able.


Daniel Hemric lost his brakes as he got to his pit box and nailed his jackman. That guy bounced off the hood, windshield and dented the roof before ending up on the asphalt. That’s hilarious, right guys? Definitely felt the same way rolling into the office today. Sat down in my office, closed the door and thought man, really feel like I got hit by a GMS truck at Chicago.

Of course that didn’t cross anyone’s minds. But it crossed the brilliant minds over at NASCAR’s social media team. Nope the genius minds behind the infamous “wheel hop” tweet at Sonoma and the “no place like it” and “Epic” tweets bring you that tweet. A man getting hit by a car.

For the record the crew member, Graham Molatch was able to walk away rather unscathed. No mention of that from NASCAR Twitter and why would there be? Funny stuff seeing a guy get hit by a car. The people that run NASCAR social accounts are really not great at their jobs.

Naturally NASCAR fans on Twitter were responded in the proper manner. So the NASCAR social team deleted said tweet with no apology, no mention that it was deleted. Unfortunately it lives on forever because the internet is a thing. But hey, let’s all pretend this never happened sound good guys?

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