Brad Keselowski Says Obvious Thing, Makes Headlines

Brad Keselowski makes NASCAR headlines all the time. Some would say he’s the “voice” of NASCAR, or some say he thinks he’s the voice of NASCAR. Either way when he talks people seem to listen as if some sort of prophet is speaking. Wednesday night he went on FOX’s RaceHub broadcast and said something so revolutionary it’s amazing no one had thought about it yet.

“Adding another manufacturer is the most important thing we could do to this sport” – Brad K & Everyone Else

What a revolutionary idea from Brad Keselowski. No one in NASCAR’s front office has ever thought about this. The boys and girls in Daytona today are looking at spreadsheets, running around like Michael Scott in the office telling everyone to calm down. A new manufacturer is a bold concept. Brain France is our Michael Scott, for sure.


Brad thinks a new company could come in, give factory support and money while helping the series. Whoa. Sounds like a pretty important thing. Something that could be really good for the sport. If it isn’t Dodge though and it’s a foreign brand, RIP NASCAR Twitter.

What’s annoying about FOX and others acting like this is some sort of radical idea that no one has thought of before hand. Everyone universally agrees that having another manufacturer or maybe two would really really help this sport out. No one is saying we need to stay at three. That’s a ridiculous idea especially if one decides to start cutting funding.

Another manufacturer means factory support. Meaning a team not in the Top 2 from Chevy, Ford or Toyota could jump to being a #1 team with a new manufacturer. That’s big for the sport and for that team. It helps create parity. NASCAR loves the word parity.

The annual tradition of Brad K saying something and the media freaking out about it is in full swing. Can’t wait to hear about this on RaceHub tonight again and this weekend in Kentucky. Maybe I’ll ask him about it if he has media availability. “Brad, you’re the voice of NASCAR. Do you think adding another manufacturer would be good for the series? I’ll sit down and listen to your answer.”

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