Things To Do Around Kentucky Speedway Between Races

Are you in Kentucky for the NASCAR race this weekend? Turns out this blog is based out of Cincinnati a quick 44 minute drive to the speedway ( if the bridge traffic isn’t Kentucky 2011 bad). If you have ever been to Sparta there isn’t a thing in hell to do there outside of the speedway. A strip club called Racer’s is there but you really don’t want to see those titties. You don’t.

So what is there to do at Kentucky? Drive to Cincinnati or Louisville. Now I don’t know anything about Louisville, if you want to know about that hit up @ZachMiles2 on Twitter and ask him. What I do know is Cincinnati might be the best city in the “midwest” outside of Chicago. It has a vibrant downtown, the entire city has undergone a renaissance in recent years. Cincinnati is also home to some of the best food and beer in the country.

If you’re looking for something to do in Cincinnati here are a few places to go and places to eat/drink:

Head to OTR, park in Mercer Garage and walk around. Find a restaurant that looks like your style and check it out. Really good places to check out;

  • Bakersfield ┬áhas tacos and things
  • The Eagle has phenomenal chicken
  • Pontiac has barbecue and bourbon
  • Gomez has great walk up Mexican food
  • Goodfellas is the best pizza in Cincinnati
  • Holtman’s Donuts
  • Senate and
  • Taste of Belgium.
  • Eli’s barbecue is on the east side of the city but it’s definitely worth the detour.
  • Of course there are Cincinnati traditions in Skyline and Montgomery Inn as well.
  • If Landon Cassill reads this Park+Vine is gone, huge bummer. A lot of places in OTR have vegan options though.

Any of those places are great places to grab some food.

Places to drink are plentiful in Cincinnati. Cincinnati local breweries are a source of pride for the city.

  • Rhinegeist in OTR has some pretty good beers and a great atmosphere.
  • MadTree is in Oakley a little north of the city but still has one of the best places to hangout in the city.
  • Taft Ale House
  • Rhinehaus
  • Christian Morelein are all great.
  • Nick Lachey owns a bar in OTR if you were into 98 degrees.
  • Queen City Radio is a great outdoor spot in OTR.
  • Mr. Pitifuls and 16 Bit are also really fun places. 16 Bit has arcade games so if you’re a nerd check it out.

You could also rent a Red Bike and ride around the city, check out the riverfront park and Great American Ball Park, ride across the Roebling Suspension Bridge to Covington and check out Mainstrasse and Newport. There is an aquarium in Newport, a phenomenal zoo in Cincinnati (RIP Harambe), Cincinnati Museum Center. Honestly there’s a lot of things to do and places to go, you’ll find something. You’ll also stumble across some great murals around the city too;

If you’re into lies and want a good laugh a crazy person built a full size replica of Noah’s Ark in Northern Kentucky if you want to check that out. There are dinosaurs on the Ark so that’s why it’s a lie but you can make your own conclusions. Some drivers checked it out last year so you might come across them this weekend.

Cincinnati is a great city so check it out if you have some down time. A lot of NASCAR people say the best park about Kentucky is leaving Kentucky. They aren’t wrong, the track is in the middle of nowhere, the airport is far away and it’s hot as balls. So check out Cincinnati.

If you need some suggestions or have questions hit me up on Twitter @MattNiehausAO

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