Weekly NASCAR Mexico Update: Car Is In The Crowd

Last week Michel Jourdain Jr. pulled a JR Hildebrand and wrecked in turn 4, flipped down the front stretch but was ok. This week in NASCAR Mexico we have a car in the stands.

Stands is a loose term, we have a car on the spectator mound. Driver Santiago Tovar in theĀ PenskeĀ Pennzoil car blew the corner pretty obviously or had no brakes. Hit a tire wall that consisted of one maybe two rows of tires. Easily blew right though that, hit the janky chain link fence that was definitely not catch fence quality. Right though both of those and onto the dirt spectator mound where people definitely got hit but didn’t die. Bat shit crazy moment that we’ve come to expect from the NASCAR Mexico Series.

NASCAR in America strives for safety. We don’t race on tracks without SAFER Barriers unless it’s Sonoma where highway concrete blocks are still allowed. But NASCAR only wants to race at safe racetracks, obviously there is a lot of improvement that still needs to be done at tracks, especially on back stretches with out jetting walls. Still pretty safe.

NASCAR Mexico though, fuck it let’s go. There’s a five stack of tires and a fence that couldn’t contain a run away Cub Cadet? Send the race cars out, let’s get after it. NASCAR Mexico is very much NASCAR in America circa 1955. Armco guardrails, cars leaving the track, people flipping, fans right on top of the action. It’s a crazy way to live but it makes for some exciting YouTube clips.

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