Sebastian Vettel Hit Lewis Hamilton And Everyone Died, F1 Ceased To Exist

That was it. The end of F1 as we know it.

Sad to report that after Daniel Riccardo won the Baku GP Sunday the whole sport of F1 ceased to exist and everyone died. Sebastian Vettel triggered the self destruction of the sport and Lewis Hamilton contributed to the down fall. Sorry Liberty Media, you wasted all that money on nothing.

Sebastian Vettel hip checked Lewis Hamilton for what he thought was a deliberate attempt by Lewis to slow the field. That hip check caused everyone to lose their minds that they started falling and going insane like they extras in The Happening. The F1 media all died too, aneurisms from all the hot takes couldn’t stop them. The sport suffered a major meltdown from the unacceptable driving.


So Vettel hip checked Hamilton and literally nothing happened. Vettel overreacted but that happens in race cars, he’s a hot head and it cost him a chance at the win. He was reprimanded and that is that. Neither won the race for completely different reasons.

Europe and the rest of the F1 fan base lost their minds. Couldn’t believe what happened, they thought this was incomprehensible. Meanwhile everyone in NASCAR and IndyCar were like, “that was it?” For me personally I saw it, laughed and moved on. Little did I know the european press and fans were melting down trying to figure out how to handle this.

This was the most exciting thing to happen in F1 this year and that’s not saying a lot. A mere side bump was the talk of the world. It wasn’t that exciting, it was cool to see the passion because F1 seems to lack that but it was really an old hat if you watch anything outside of F1.

RIP To The F1 World

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