Donald Trump Is Not Letting Mikhail Aleshin Back Into America, Maybe

President Donald Trump isn’t allowing Mikhail Aleshin to race at Road America this weekend. He knows the fast Russian with all the speed and no luck was gunning to get it done this weekend. Trump thought the Russian was a huge threat to America so he took things into his own little hands, Team America style.

He banished the Russian to France. Kind of.

Russians were having a big year in America up until today. Winning elections, Malkin won the Stanley Cup, Ovechkin under achieved again. Pretty big year for Putin’s boys. Now Aleshin is stuck in France with an uncertain future ahead of him. France isn’t a place you want to get stuck, some crazy German could take over that whole city in 17 hours.

It Wasn’t Trump

Before all the MAGA snowflakes freak out obviously Trump had nothing to do with this. Well maybe inadvertently but it has to have something to do with Russia since everyone else left and made it back from LeMans.

Robert Wickens

While Mikhail is acting like Julian Assange in France the SPM team needed to find a replacement. Robert Wickens from DTM fame will be driving the #7 car until Aleshin gets back in the states. Wickens has 5 DTM wins to his name, 3 GP3 wins, 2 F2 wins, and a very coveted win in the infamous A1GP series driving for Team Canada.

This Wickens/Hinchcliffe lineup has 2007/2008 written all over it. Somewhere Jay Laski and Wade Cherwayko and going “TOLD YOU THEY WERE WINNERS.” Crazy to think that a decade ago these guys were driving old Ferrari F2004 chassis in a dying series only to become teams in a series racing chassis from 2012. Life comes at you fast.

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