Paddy Lowe Has Been Saying Some Dumb Things Lately

Williams Chief Technical Officer Paddy Lowe has been on a role lately. Not on the track, Williams has been rather mediocre and regressed over years past. Instead his roll has been coming in the form of comments off the track. Twice in the last two weeks the ex-Mercedes guy has said some really dumb things. The kind of dumb where you shake your head like Eminem just came out.


Lance Stroll’s 9th Place Finish Felt Like A “Win” And Made Lowe Head Towards The Podium

“The way he drove today and the result he got, it feels like a race win.

“Actually coming off the pit wall, with the instinct of how I felt, I started heading towards the podium!


Paddy Lowe said a 9th place finish made him head toward the podium because it felt like a win. This is a guy who joined Williams from Mercedes. You know the Mercedes team, they wear black and silver, won the last 3 Drivers and Constructors Championships and a billion races. Paddy Lowe was there for all of that, he was on podiums with the winners.

Yet and 9th place finish by a pay driver felt like a win and that’s insane on so many levels. Mainly because it’s 9th place which is six spots below the podium and worth 2 points. But hey maybe when you put a very mediocre undeserving driver in a semi competitive F1 car and he finally does what he’s supposed to it feels like a win.

Paddy Lowe, be better man. That’s insane and embarrassing. Almost as embarrassing as Lance Stroll paying two of his friends to live in Europe and travel to the tracks with him to ensure a positive environment around him.

Baku Will Require Endurance From Team And Driver, Forgets 24 Hours Of LeMans

β€œIt’s one of the hottest races of the year, with the record highest average temperature for this month being 39C, so it will require endurance from both the drivers and the team to stay at peak performance.”

Now I get what Paddy was saying. It’s hot as the devil’s dick in Baku, little to no win, it’s a long circuit that requires some physicality. Not to take a page from the Monday Night Countdown crew but, come on man. You have to be a little more self aware than that.

The 24 Hours of LeMans was just 3 days ago. You know the race, the one that takes 24 hours to run and endurance is the name of the game. The race that lasts 22 hours longer than the one that you just said drivers and teams will need endurance for? The race in Baku where the team will pit the car once.

Just another Paddy Lowe slip up where you’re left shaking your head saying, what? Toto really kept the muzzle on Paddy when he was in Brackley, changes teams and all of a sudden stupidity rains out of his mouth. Keep it up though!

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