Have Read The Creepy Comments On Danica Patrick’s Facebook Page?

Danica Patrick is still a massively popular driver in NASCAR even without good weekly performances. Once again this weekend at Michigan she was caught up in a wreck not of her own doing. That sucks but it’s part of the job. What isn’t part of the job is enduring creepy comment after creepy comment on Facebook.

There is no way in hell Danica actually reads her Facebook comments, she’s never even run her own Facebook page. You would think by now fans would know that athletes 99% of the time don’t run their own Facebook page. Not NASCAR fans, nope. Unfortunately for NASCAR as a whole their fans continue to perpetuate the idea everyone who watches NASCAR is an uneducated southerner with the vocabulary of a prepubescent teenager.

What the comment section also highlights is mental illness in this country. The idea that everyone on social media knows one another is insane but these people who comment think they’re friends with Danica, all of them think that.

The creepiest part has to be all of the middle aged men that comment. They’re literally harassing her, sending her kiss faces, telling her they love her, calling her baby, telling her to call them. It’s creepy af. You know the guys too, the ones with their whole face as the profile pic because they don’t know how to take a selfie. Just their big dumb booze nose, camo hat and dead life eyes. Check out some of the comments

So many white knights trying to stand up for Danica. SHE’S NOT GOING TO FUCK YOU. She’s not even going to entertain you in the least because it’s going to end with her tied to a crappy bed somewhere in Tennessee with a man named Roger who raced late models one time in ’87 and thinks they can make racing super babies.

Another common theme is guys saying how bad men drivers are. Get on the good side of the feminist for sure.

Also why do these people think she has a win coming? Or even the ability to win?

In 169 starts she has just 7 Top 10 finishes, that’s just 4% of the time. She has never had a Top 5 finish. On top of that out of 169 starts she has only 65 finishes where she was on the lead lap. But yeah, her win is coming? Being positive is awesome but there is a line between positive and delusional.

Check out the creepy comments for yourself on her Facebook page.

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