GMS Racing Considering A Move To The Cup Series With Spencer Gallagher

Team owner Maury Gallagher told on Saturday the organization would like to make a decision in the next month.

“According to (general manager) Mike (Beam), a Cup car can be made from an Xfinity car with a few changes,” Gallagher said. “So we’re building inventory that — assuming there aren’t major changes — can be easily converted. We’re just getting to the point where we’re getting a good stock of new cars. We’ve been working with some of last year’s stuff — we have an affiliation with JR Motorsports. So we’ve been using their stuff. Bought some cars, but we’re finally using our own stuff. Hendrick Motorsports is supplying the chassis.”

Partnership with Hendrick

Hendrick would also provide the engines and equipment for GMS’s Cup effort “assuming they could work with us,” said Gallagher. This week, GMS announced that veteran Cup crew chief Mike Ford has joined the company as competition director. He started at the Statesville, N.C., shop on Tuesday.

Defending truck series champions GMS Racing expanded into the Xfinity Series full time in 2018 but apparently have their eyes set on the bigger prize. GMS Racing wants to go NASCAR Cup racing and they want to do it soon. They’ll be taking race winner Spence Gallagher with them to the Cup series.

GMS Expanding Is Good For The Sport

Maurice Gallagher either has a passion for NASCAR or he’s trying to give Spence something to do in life. Either way he’s in the sport and with that comes more cars for a struggling series/sport. GMS is looking at adding two Cup cars in 2018 with backing from Hendrick Motorsports.

HMS has space to provide another team with cars and engines after Stewart Haas moved to Ford this season. If GMS wants to pony up the money to become the new SHR to Hendrick there is no doubt the people at HMS will have no problem taking their money a building them cars.

Two more competitive cars in the Cup series would certainly be welcomed by all. Well one competitive and then Spencer Gallagher. Either way it’s still two cars that will be faster than anything BK Racing puts on the track and that’s what this sport really needs.

Spencer Gallagher Isn’t A Cup Driver

Yeah that header says it all. Spence Gallagher has exactly 0 wins in 59 Truck Series starts, 0 wins in 20 Xfinity starts, 0 wins in either K&N Series starts, and 1 win in 51 ARCA starts. By the number John Wes Townley is a better driver than Spence Gallagher. Have no fear though, Gallagher will apparently get his shot at Cup with only a year of Xfinity under his belt. GMS following the Joey Logano and Kevin Harvick one and move up plan.

Maurice Gallagher did say he regrets not buying Spencer better equipment earlier in his career which is low key hilarious and Maurice didn’t even realize it. The wealthy dad is mad he didn’t buy his rich kid something to make him look better.

Here’s the thing though, everyone has won in GMS equipment but Spencer. Johnny Sauter won the championship last season, Kaz Grala won Daytona this year, Chase Elliott won Martinsville this year, Ben Kennedy won Bristol last season, Austin Dillon, Kyle Larson and Grant Enfinger have all taken GMS trucks to wins. Enfinger won the ARCA championship and 6 races in GMS equipment.

It’s not the equipment, it’s the driver. Spencer Gallagher is the next Paul Menard. A 28 year old “young gun” looking to break into the sport even though he’s older than Joey Logano.

Great to have new money in the sport though.

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