NASCAR Doubles Down On Stupid Overtime Line Rule

SiriusXM/NBC-–There apparently is no consideration of changing the overtime line rule, which Dale Earnhardt Jr. advocated abolishing after it played a role in Sunday’s win by Jimmie Johnson.

“There’s no question about it,” Miller said. “That’s black and white and straightforward. We don’t want the races to end that way, but we put that procedure in place starting last season, and that’s how we do it.

“There was a lot that went into that, a lot of conversation that were had. One of the big considerations was superspeedway racing, and the havoc we typically have on restarts and the green-white-checkered there. It was a way to not have to do that three times at those racetracks. That was a factor, but that wasn’t only the factor…. It’s something we’re always looking at, we don’t like races to end like they did yesterday, but that’s what we’ve got right now, and we’ll continue to look at things like we always do.”

Generally when a sporting league implements a ridiculous rule, or anyone for that matter implements something ridiculous they will generally correct whatever that stupid decision was. Not NASCAR, nope the bad boys in Daytona doubled down on NASCAR’s asinine overtime rule Monday morning on SiriusXM.

Overtime Line Is Here To Stay

The overtime line is dumb, it’s Dennis and Dee do crack dumb. NASCAR already had the start finish line and under a Green-White-Checker finish the start/finish line determined if there would be another restart or if the race was over and the leader had taken the white flag.

After Kevin Harvick wrecked half the field on a GWC at Talladega in 2015 to ensure he could advance in the playoffs to the next round NASCAR rolled out the overtime line. Which doesn’t do anything to prevent what happened there. Keep in mind Harvick received no penalty for that but NASCAR still changed the rules, people forget that.

Everyone has complained about this stupid rule and up until this point it hasn’t really cost everyone a good finish. It finally happened though and everyone was as mad as expected. Jimmie Johnson haters probably broke their tube TV’s, conspiracy theorists threw on their metal hats, fired up the old Gateway computer and fired off some hot takes.

Why Have GWC?

The purpose of the GWC is to give fans a green flag finish instead of the cars finishing under caution. With the old rule the leader had to complete a full lap and take the white flag for the race to be official. Now though the leader has to complete half a lap and the race is official. The chances of a yellow finish are way higher.

What’s the point in having the GWC then? Races could end under yellow after the first attempt if the leader is 2/3 of the way around the lap. It goes against everything the GWC was supposed to stand for. Finish a race at it’s scheduled distance even under caution seems like a better plan. Instead the best car doesn’t win even though technically he was leading at the advertised difference.

“We Don’t Like Races To Finish Like That”

So change it? NASCAR historically makes up the rules as they go, look at the Coke 600 and it’s fourth stage. They’re the rules makers so change the rule on the fly like you have with everything else. Jeff Gordon in the Chase in 2013, Coke 600 4th stage, every single penalty and fine that isn’t consistent with the fine or penalty before it. Just make up a new rule.

If you want to have this rule on Superspeedways then have at it. Don’t say it’s the right move or it’s beneficial though. The NFL doesn’t award wins for crossing the 50 yard line in overtime. Why should someone get a race win for doing the same thing?

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