Austin Dillon Is The Grown Up Ricky Bobby In The Making

Last night on the Racing Rundown podcast I host with Zach Miles from I had an epiphany. When my brain gets rolling step out of the way because we’re going places and we’re going to some weird places. While talking about Austin Dillon’s win in last weekend’s Coke 600 it hit me.

Austin Dillon is the adult Ricky Bobby.

Now hear me out for a minute because people are definitely going to be scoffing. There are some definite similarities between the two. After seeing a particular Instagram video I’m convinced the transformation is in progress.

    • Both have ridiculous celebrations after winning. Ricky is bombastic and confident in interviews. Austin is also extremely confident. “If they think that’s a fuel mileage win they can kiss my ring.” No one mention to him it was a fuel mileage win because apparently 38 second lap times are normal.
    • Both have smokin’ hot wives. Ricky’s is definitely much more attractive than Whitney Ward. Just something about her we can’t put our finger on. But hey, she was a cheerleader and there are a lot of guys that would take her.
    • Austin took 45 minutes to get to victory lane after the race. He dabbed, he got the flag, he did his bull riding hand thing, his crew ran to him like he was Dale Jr. circa Daytona summer 2001, he then belly slid in the grass with the whole crew. THEN FINALLY GOT TO VICTORY LANE. Ricky Bobby ran across the finish line and made out with a french guy. Austin didn’t make out with a french national, buuuuutttt you could make a case for the other part.
    • After an instagram video (below) we now know Austin has ridiculous cars that are very gaudy. Ricky Bobby also has awful cars that served no purpose. Both have terrible decorations in their house/garage that also serve no purpose.
    • Both have friends that may only be there because the other guy pays for everything.
    • Austin definitely has fast food dinners and prays to baby jesus.

Ricky Bobby has been brought to life by Austin Dillon. Austin needs to have 2 anarchist children that make Damien look civilized. Divorce his wife who can then date Brandon Jones and get out of the car for awhile before Mike Dillon has to come get him back in one.

Austin will never have the career wins Ricky had though. Just not a chance.

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