Bernie Ecclestone Hates Social Media, Says New F1 Owners Are Doing Awful

Autoweek– The sport’s long-time leader was ousted recently and replaced by Chase Carey, Ross Brawn and Sean Bratches. And Ecclestone, 86, told Germany’s Welt am Sonntag newspaper that the trio is already doing “things I would never do or never would have done.”

One of those things of the young Liberty Media era, Eccleston says, is the new emphasis on social media.

“I have never been convinced of this kind of communication because I do not believe it makes a good contribution to Formula One,” said Ecclestone. “Formula 1 is now run like a branch of Starbucks, with someone else always throwing milk into the coffee.”

Bernie Ecclestone hates that the new owners of F1 are bringing the sport up to the times. The 86 year old out of touch, crochety, awful old man that sold his stake in F1 last year is none too please with Liberty Media. What is he so mad about? Social media. That god damn social media is ruining the F1 he once built and that’s a great thing for everyone not named Bernie Ecclestone.

For years everyone on Twitter has complained that F1 should really put out GIFs and clips of key moments in races in real time. Finally in 2017 they have got around to doing that and it has been incredible. Video content gets so many interactions on social media it’s insane. Now finally they have caught up to every other form of sport in the world.

Part of the reason for never doing it was Bernie’s lock tight grip on FOM’s media rights and reluctance to do anything with them unless he was making money off them. With him gone now Liberty Media is pulling an Oprah, you get a video clip! And you get a clip!

It’s a great thing Bernie is no longer running F1. Social media brings eye to the sport that likely wouldn’t have seen it and then potentially will get them to watch a race in the future. It also allows you to promote the drivers and personalities.

F1 was very close to dying if Bernie stayed at the helm. It would have died or the big teams would have left. Chase Carey and his team have done an exceptional job with the sport so far. The future is bright for F1, the future of Bernie looks way more bleak.

Bernie is lashing out like anyone scorned by their former lover. “I was a way better boyfriend for her.” you know those type of guys? The ones who think everything is worse off without them because they’re some sort of visionary. Ok buddy.

Bernie should embrace Twitter. He would be absolutely ELECTRIC on Think of him as the European Donald Trump just firing off offensive tweets at all hours of the night, thinking he’s the greatest thing on earth and having no self awareness. Bernie is the one that messed up.

The exclusive boys club is becoming an inclusive everyone club for the better.

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