Esteban Gutierrez In Consideration For Bourdais Seat And That’s Rather Meh.

Racer– Dale Coyne says he’s been swamped with calls about taking Sebastien Bourdais’ seat for the interim but RACER has learned that ex-Formula 1 driver Esteban Gutierrez and James Davison are the leading candidates.

“I’ve had at least 30 drivers call,” said Coyne on Tuesday morning. “I don’t have any other comment than that but Davison is a candidate, certainly.”

The next race is a doubleheader this weekend at Detroit on the streets of Belle Isle and Coyne said “ideally” Bourdais’ replacement will be able to drive ovals and road races. Gutierrez has never run an oval and Davison charged from last to third at Indy last Sunday and also led two laps before crashing on Lap 183.

After four years with Sauber (2011-’14) and one year with Gene Haas (2016), Gutierrez has been competing in the Formula E series where he currently ranks 18th. In 59 F1 starts, the 25-year-old Mexican had one fast lap, no podiums and a best finish of seventh.

Esteban Gutierrez is evidently in line to replace Sebastian Bourdais for the rest of 2017.


There was a lot of talk about who would take over the #18 for the rest of the season. Everyone had their wish lists, some guy on Twitter said everyone would be really surprised by who Dale signed. Then it comes out today Esteban Gutierrez is evidently that guy and honestly it’s like a real punch in the dick. And here’s why.

Esteban Gutierrez is boring. He’s a mediocre race car driver with money to back him. He is a whiny little man who complains at every corner and nothing is ever his fault. Someone else is always to blame for his woes and that attitude took him right out of F1. A guy who was in the Ferrari Driving Academy was let go from essentially the Ferrari junior team in Haas. To be fair a lot of people are in that Ferrari Academy and most are disgustingly mediocre drivers. Gutierrez had dreams of driving a red Ferrari on the streets of Monaco. Instead he’ll be driving a white Dale Coyne car on the streets of Belle Isle, Detroit. Not a knock on Dale Coyne, a knock on Esteban for being incredibly mediocre.

Money is going to land a driver in that #18 seat, everyone with a brain knows that. We all got excited for a big name though and we were given Esteban Gutierrez. Meh.

If Esteban really does get the #18 ride here are a list of complaints he’ll undoubtably have;

  • Street circuits are too bumpy, effect his finish position
  • No power brakes, effect his finish position
  • No power steering, effect his finish position
  • Other drivers are dumb, effect his finish position
  • Ovals are dumb and for the untalented, effect his finish position
  • Tires are cold, effect his finish position
  • Can’t find the proper place to get his unibrow waxed, definitely effect his finish position
  • Blame Gunther Steiner for putting him in this position

All legit things minus the unibrow that Esteban has complained about or mentioned. Probably.

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