IndyStar Writer Pens Trash Hit Piece On Fernando Alonso

Gregg Doyle a columnist from the IndyStar decided to pen a piece about how Fernando Alonso winning the Indianapolis 500 is actually a bad thing. Gregg with two g’s went to the Jenna Fryer school of sensationalist click bait and got all the clicks late in the week. While Doyle tries to navigate a topic he obviously knows very little about he perpetuates everything race fans hate in a casual journalist. No one has sounded this clueless since President Trump tried to talk Islamic terrorism last week. Let’s break down his truly awful piece though.

And if that’s not clear enough, try this: Fernando Alonso is the last driver some IndyCar insiders want to see win on Sunday at Indianapolis Motor Speedway. He’s the worst-case scenario, at least for those on the inside of the sport: other drivers, other teams — not counting Andretti Autosport — even the IndyCar circuit itself.

Michael Andretti acknowledges what I’m trying to tell you:

“They want him to be competitive,” Andretti was telling IndyStar Insider Jim Ayello, “but not win. I wouldn’t say the same thing.”

Quick point real fast. No driver or team wants another driver or team to win. If they can’t win they don’t want anyone to win. That’s competition, that’s human nature. Sure someone are probably spiteful that Alonso has been so stout this month but no one wants anyone outside themselves to win.

Who is “they”? Other drivers. All of them I spoke with, and I spoke with several, though only one was willing to say it with his name attached. No big surprise who that was: Graham Rahal will say whatever he thinks. And this is what he thinks:

“Is (Alonso) the guy you want to see win?” Rahal was asking me rhetorically the other day in his garage. “For us — no.

“Alonso winning this year certainly would be a story. Would it make it look like what we do is easy? I think in part, but we all know it’s not.”

Uh oh, bad boy Graham Rahal has spoken and we all have to listen. If Graham Rahal is the voice of the IndyCar paddock maybe we all pack it up and call it a day. Not that his opinion doesn’t matter but come one. Graham will “say whatever he thinks” is great and admirable but generally it’s him whining. No one really listens anymore. Everyone knows what you do isn’t easy, dummy.

Last month, three-time Formula One champion Lewis Hamilton was talking about his rival, Alonso, when he said this bit of blasphemy about the 2017 Indianapolis 500:

“For sure he will be the best driver in the paddock.”

Fernando Alonso for sure is the best driver in the paddock at Indianapolis. Hands down, without a doubt, write it in a letter and mail it home. Fernando Alonso is the best driver in The Indianapolis 500 this season. If you don’t think that you’re the dumbest person on earth. His driving ability is better than anyone else in that 33 car field. Blasphemy isn’t blasphemy if it’s fact. If Gregg Doyle can name a driver better than Alonso in that Indycar field we’d all love to hear the argument.

Meanwhile: Formula One drivers, who race nothing but street courses overseas, keep coming to the superspeedway at IMS and winning. And then they go back home to their street courses.

And this is where we know Gregg Doyle has no clue what he is talking about and is merely doing this for clicks. F1 races on 3 legit street courses in Monaco, Singapore and Baku. Two in Montreal and Melbourne that are a combination of street and permanent course. That still leaves 15 races on actual proper purpose built circuits. Doyle might want to tune into NBCSN this season to see what F1 is really about. Over there driving in their fancy indycar’s with their grid girls, caviar and no passing, thinking they’re better than everyone. Gregg Doyle probably.

Jacques Villeneuve wasn’t even good enough to be a Formula One driver when he came to IMS in 1994 … and finished second in the Indy 500. He had been on various F1 developmental series before joining CART in 1995 — and won the ’95 Indy 500uys

It wasn’t that Villeneuve wasn’t good enough to be in F1. That’s the most preposterous thing he has said so far. Villeneuve won the F1 World Championship in 1997, he didn’t just magically become great over night. He developed himself in CART and moved to F1 but don’t let facts stand in the way of a good story.

Alonso is here to win just like everyone else starting Sunday’s race. He isn’t here to promote Indycar, his job isn’t to come back for a full season or anything. He truly is the most gifted driver in the field. F1 drivers win this race because they are really really good drivers from a natural standpoint. It’s not because Indycar drivers are bad, F1 guys are just on their level or a little above. This race isn’t won on a fluke. This race is won on driving talent and skill. That’s why people win.

If Alonso wins on Sunday it doesn’t make Indycar drivers look bad and it doesn’t make F1 drivers look like gods. It will however show everyone how great Alonso is at driving though and further cement everyone’s opinion that he is one of the best ever.

As for Gregg Doyle. Maybe never talk about racing again. Just because you write for the Star doesn’t make you knowledgeable enough to speak on something. Get your clicks from college basketball or the NCAA. Racing just isn’t your thing.

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