Charlotte Motor Speedway To Use Bristol Resin For Coke 600

Pockrass–┬áThe same resin used to improve the groove at Bristol last month will be used this week on the high groove in the corners at Charlotte Motor Speedway as track officials and NASCAR attempt to improve the ability for drivers to use the upper lane during the race Sunday.

Charlotte Motor Speedway has been home to some less than stellar track ideas. While levigating made the racing exciting it also made the 2005 Coke 600 last 5 hours and 13 minutes with 22 cautions. That didn’t work so they repaved the track with the┬áleast porous asphalt on the planet. Might not even be from this planet because that stuff hasn’t worn at all. It’s incredible how durable it is, like that asteroid in Armageddon we might have to get Bruce Willis to right the wrong and take one for the team while stupid Liv Tyler looks are like a lost puppy until an overacting Ben Affleck comes back to save the day. Just set in modern day Charlotte except Ben will never get there because he’s stuck in traffic on 77.

Will it work at Charlotte? Absolutely no idea. But it will almost certainly make it a one groove race track on the top. Bristol got better as the race went on in the spring but last fall it was a one groove track because everyone wanted that preferred lane. Remember when Pocono paved the bottom lane in turn 3 a few years ago and literally everyone ran on that new lane? There’s a pretty good chance that could happen this weekend for the Coke 600.

Charlotte had to do something though after that abysmal All-Star race this past weekend. The bottom lane was the preferred groove and everyone trying to work the top didn’t have much success. Last year’s Coke 600 saw Martin Truex Jr. run the bottom lane for 392 of the 400 laps. Remember that? He led 392 laps and all on the bottom. The track needed to do something so why not try this?

One person that should be super happy is Kyle Larson. Mr. high wide and handsome himself is going to be up top running that top groove like it’s a dirt track on Saturday night. It’ll be interesting to see if the groove becomes the preferred line and the bottom is where everyone has to go to pass. Thursday practice is going to be interesting.

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