MMD: Quick Thoughts On Talladega

Monday Morning Driver had to come back after a weekend at Talladega. We got two surprise winners this weekend, Ford continued their super speedway dominance and Roush might be back? Before the series turns to Kansas for “real racing” in the words of Kyle Busch there are still Talladega things to talk about.

Roush Is Back?

After downsizing to a two car team for 2017 the former #1 Ford team seems to be gaining momentum. Both Ricky Stenhouse and Trevor Bayne have had much better starts to the season compared to a year ago. Now essentially the #3 Ford team in terms of factory support the Roush brigade may finally be coming around.

It had been 101 races since Roush last won a Cup Series race at Sonoma in 2014 with Carl Edwards. It wouldn’t be a shock to see Roush win at a non-restrictor plate track this season.

Ricky Stenhouse Finally Breaks Through

Here we were thinking his first win would come at Bristol and the kid from Mississippi does it in Alabama. It only took him 158 races to get it done but finally he got to pull into victory lane. No one ever doubted his ability to drive or his passion, anyone with knowledge knew it was an issue with the cars. To see Stenhouse finally get that win, that’s cool to see. First time winners are always great in victory lane and Stenhouse didn’t disappoint. As pointed out he was the first driver to kiss a fellow driver in victory lane, people forget that.

Stenhouse definitely has the ability to win at a non-restrictor plate track this season. Bristol in August, Richmond and Phoenix will likely be his best shots. It won’t be 158 races before he gets another win though.

NASCAR Needs To Change The Cup Restrictor Plate Package

If you follow me on Twitter you saw me complaining about this during the race. Not that the racing wasn’t good because for the most part it was. The biggest problem is how difficult it is to pass the leader or even challenge. If there are two lanes the leader can stall both and control everything. That needs to change. Passing the leader shouldn’t take 5 laps to build momentum to finally make the move. The second car in line has to get a huge run for the leader to not be able to block it.

The only think that could make it easier with this package might be a smaller restrictor plate and a bigger spoiler. With a bigger spoiler a bigger hole is punched in the air which should in theory allow them to suck up faster.

Some Of These Guys Are Bad Plate Racers

It was amazing to watch the race on Saturday and Sunday. Amazing not because this is actually really hard racing but rather a lot of these guys are shit at racing on plate tracks. So many guys missed runs, missed holes, missed moves that could have bettered their position.

Can’t even count the number of times I saw guys make terrible decisions and miss obvious moves from the car behind. Someone needs to sit down with these boys and teach them how to race here. How to predict a move from the car behind. Brad Keselowski is the best plate racer currently. That SOB knows how to make moves, predict moves and put himself in a position to won.

Xfinity Plate Races Are The New ARCA

Xfinity at Daytona in February was an embarrassment for everyone involved. It took 4 hours to run and no one wanted to finish the race. Flash forward to Talladega and we have two big ones again and both times it was for guys trying to make moves that they had no business making. Yeah a lot of these guys are young but if the top line is bumper to bumper there isn’t room to fit a Camaro in there. Camaro is spelled with two A’s not an E. Shoutout to every Craigslist seller that lists a Camero, super rare.

Shoutout to ARCA though. Last plate race for steel bodies and everyone finished single file.

On To Kansas


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