Indycar Appears To Be Headed To An Oval In Mexico For 2018

According to, Indycar is in talks to take their series to China, Canada, the Pacific Northwest and Mexico. There wasn’t a “Breaking:” label on it so does Motorsport even really care about this? Either way three of the four rumored locations would be huge for Indycar. It’s the last location that appears to be the most likely for 2018.

Outside of Puebla, Mexico sits the Autodromo Miguel E. Abed which is a 1.25 mile oval that also has a road course inside that utilizes the oval too. From Motorsport it appears Indycar will use the oval. From the picture below it looks a lot like New Hampshire or the Milwaukee Mile. The banking in the corers looks very similar as well. For Indycar another short oval isn’t a terrible idea however they need a new aero package so they can avoid the embarrassment that was Phoenix.

If you can look past the terrible camera work you can get a good look at the oval track. Indycar may want the track to be repaved, it looks a little rough. The walls of the track are tall on both sides with the fencing it looks pretty narrow and intimidating. Place will be packed though, a Mexican driver would be huge for that race too. Surely Adrian Fernandez isn’t doing anything. Get someone to field a car for him with Lowe’s sponsorship. People forget that, Hendrick Motorsports ran him in the Xfinity Series, on purpose.

Other Three Possible Locations

China– No thanks, get that trash out of here. Sure there’s a few billion people there but one race in China makes no sense fiscally. You fan base doesn’t want to get up at 3am for the race and the track will probably be garbage. Save your money and go to another circuit on this continent or head to the Middle East.

Pacific Northwest– The best idea on this list for sure. Indycar going to Portland after a decade long hiatus following Champ Car’s departure would be welcomed around the sport. It would give Indycar a race in the northwest which opens them to a new fan base and a fan base that NASCAR doesn’t have a presence in.

Calgary– More Canadian races. Sorrey. Can’t get enough from America’s top hat. Give us Calgary, put it during the stampede and everyone can get fucked up and watch the race. We’ve already got Toronto, they took Edmonton from us. Give us Calgary and we’ll call it even.

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